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Spring Cleaning The Blog!

Deme Crinion3 Comments
There's something about the start of a new year and the arrival of spring that makes me want to start fresh.....go purge my closet, shred papers, disarm all the land mines in the hallway (i.e. Lego's), and the list goes on.  I can't help but look at every space with a critical eye, thinking about ways to improve it's function and make it better speak our family's language.  Like the mossy green couch in our living room, for example.  Not singing to me so much anymore (but it sure is comfy).  And yesterday, you all saw the organizational crisis that is my daughter room.

The blog is no exception when it comes to feeling the urge to clean up.   I've been playing around with different backgrounds for awhile, but am really wanting a fresh look and better navigation.  Since this blog is about the DIY adventures in our own home, I want the colors and feel of the blog site to reflect what you'll see here on a daily basis. 

So, keeping in mind the colors we've used so far in our updated spaces, I went to my Pinterest boards for some more color/design inspiration.  Here's what I'm loving....

love the texture 

Towne & Reese Agate stone pendant necklace

 oh happy color!

Bri's gorgeous living room - 
I'm working on a new header and graphics, better overall layout, and improved navigation on the tool and side bars.  Html and code are a foreign language to this gal, so it takes awhile for me to google tutorials and actually get things centered and not looking wonky.  Almost there! 

Who else is in full spring cleaning mode?  What's your latest victim?  Anyone's spring cleaning come to a screeching halt with this latest cold front?  I had to dig out a winter sweater that I had packed away the other day.  Humph.