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Repurpose: Toothbrush Holder Turned Pencil Holder

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toothbrush holder turned pencil holder

I love it when I stumble on something in a completely different section of the store, that ends up being the perfect fit in another area of the home.  The bathroom storage aisle always comes through for great storage pieces that can be used in all areas of the house....without screaming "Bathroom!!".

We found this felt basket in the latrine section and it's pulling its weight as our Lego corral in the man cave/family room:
Totally kid-proof but easy on the eyes too.  (This one was from Target.)

The last time I was at Home Goods I spotted this toothbrush holder.  I shared a pic of it on instagram months ago, and finally got around to giving it a mini-makeover.  First though, a quick check to make sure it would actually function as I had hoped....
Yup!  Now, I liked the pale aqua color on the bottom half but I've been looking for a way to incorporate both gold and silver into this workspace, and this guy was going to be it.

I grabbed my Press n' Seal and Frog Tape to prep the holder for paint.

I only wanted to paint the bottom half, so I used the existing colors as my guide.  I covered the top half of the holder with Press n' Seal, leaving just a little bit of the white still showing.

Then I covered up that white with Frog Tape to give me a nice sharp line.

 I grabbed my can of metallic silver paint and gave her about 3 thin coats of spray paint.

When it comes to spray paint, you always want to do several thin coats as opposed to one or two thick coats in order to avoid drips.  This is especially true with a ceramic or non-porous surface.  It won't soak up the paint like wood, so take your time with extra thin coats!

Bandages off, and looking like new!  But at the start, I had visions of some thin gold stripes on top of the silver.  Enter the gold Sharpie...

Following the ridges I drew a gold line on top of the silver edge.  This shade of gold was a bit darker than I had hoped.  I was thinking about something closer to the touch of gold we added to the hourglass.
unexpected office storage

So before I add any more stripes, I'm going to sit with it for a few days.  I like that it adds another shade of metallic to the mix but I may want to add a lighter shade of gold too.  
toothbrush holder used to separate pens and pencils

For now, I love this rogue bathroom piece on my workspace and how it provides separation between my pens and pencils.  
toothbrush holder to separate pens and pencils
Not bad for 7 buckaroos!

What about you?  Have you reclaimed any household items that technically belong in another room?  What's you favorite random aisle or secret spot to find unexpected storage?  Hope you all had a great weekend!