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Reader Spot: A Playful Playroom

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I'm so excited to share today's Reader Spot with you, because from the moment I saw it I could not wipe the goofy grin off my face! Liz is the author of My Life In Projects and mom to sweet 1-year old Charley.  She took a second look at a formal space in their home and decided it was much better suited for some fun.

I asked Liz to share a little more about how she came up with such a cheerful room, bursting with personality.....

What was the space like before you began?
This room was originally our dining room, but once I got pregnant we decided it would work best as a playroom.  Our current dining room is in the front of the house, not off the kitchen, but I'm okay with that.

Before Charley was born I made a couple changes to the room to make it look less dining room, like changing the light fixture, adding some book shelves, and hanging some basic kid-friendly art.  Those were just temporary changes until I had a better vision of what the space would be as Charley got a little older.

What were some of the things that inspired the colors & other choices in the design?
I created a mood board for this space before I got started and the first item I placed on that board was a black and white striped rug.  Then somewhere along the way I added touches of red.  I didn't even realize red was a color I wanted in the space until I put that mood board together.  Obviously I didn't put a striped rug or red poofs in the room, but rather a red rug and a striped floor pillow.

Charley's Playroom

Were there any problem areas and how did you address them?
I wouldn't say there were any problem areas necessarily, however, I always find it challenging to organize toys in a thoughtful and appealing way.  I went with the idea of less is more and tried to stick with one item on a shelf that was easily accessible to Charley.

I know that toy organization will continue to be a challenge as she gets older and her toys come with more pieces.  I'm sure there will be many future blog posts on that very topic!

How did you get your resourceful/thrifty/think-outside-the-box/DIY on?
I purchased very few items for this space actually.  Outside of the rug, curtains, a couple wall shelves, and a faux plant, I had everything on hand or I DIYed it.

 I saw a wooden book tree on Pinterest for $800 (that wasn't happening), so I painted one on the wall and added picture ledges for books.  I also sewed a big floor pillow to bring in the stripes I love so much.

The ribbon chandelier was also a fun, inexpensive diy project.  

I rummaged through my basement for frames and artwork and put together the gallery wall.  A couple of those pieces were painted by me and my husband and one by my mom.

Finally, the I'm gonna make this place your home wall hanging is just made from a dropcloth from Lowes and stencils from Michael's.
So yes, lots of DIY went on in this room!

What makes the space special and unique?
Definitely all of the art pieces that are so meaningful in one way or another make the space feel unique and special to Charley.

How did you make this space work to fit your family's needs?
Charley loves her new playroom and B.J. and I enjoy it just as much.  We spend a lot of time in there with her so I knew it had to be a place we loved as well.  I created an adult seating area to give us another option when we're not sitting on the floor.
For now, comfy adult seating was important, but as Charley gets older that will be replaced with a table and chairs for her, maybe an art area, we'll just have to wait and see!


 Personally, I can't wait to see how this room evolves as Charley grows!  They have given her such a happy space to learn and play....and you can't help but know just how much this little girl is loved by all the touching moments in the room.

But it's not just a thoughtful space, it's got the style points to boot!  The contrast of the black and white with pops of color, the chalkboard lower half right at Charley's level, that drop cloth sign with the most perfect quote ever, the reading nook, the personal art....all amazing!!

So be sure to hop over to Liz's blog for more details on all these projects and much more DIY the little play kitchen area she carved out in an unlikely space, and this paint dipped table that I am ga-ga over.

Thank you so much for sharing this sweet space with us, Liz!  And happy playing, Charley!

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