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Our Little Girl's Room Take 2: The Breakdown

Deme Crinion2 Comments
Now that the cat is out of the bag as far as the state of Mia's room, let's get into the weeds..or more appropriately, the pit of clothes and toys.   I mentioned that since giving her room an overhaul back in August we've discovered that many things are working swimmingly and others not so much.

So let's take a closer look...

We wanted to give Mia a place that she could dress up and have fun with all her girly accessories.  But we also wanted to give her a place for quiet activities while the boys nap.  She loves sitting down here to draw, work on activity books, or write notes with her stash of cards.  Having a place for all those things has been wonderful.

What's not wonderful? 
Not having a designated space for all her creations and notes.  Which means they end up in piles all over her room.

So #1 on the list of things to do:  CREATE STORAGE FOR COMPLETED PROJECTS.

Another zone we created in her room was a cozy place to read with books at the ready.  This round chair is the perfect spot to cozy up with her favorite lovies for reading.

What's not working?
We made some updates to this area that I didn't grab pics for yet...we added a basket for books on the floor by the table.  And it's busting at the seams.  Some of the boys' books (geared toward a younger age) have snuck their way in as well.  We have regular books and also some books with accompanying CDs...that are all mixed together.  Mia has taken off when it comes to reading.  She devours books and we have few that are at the appropriate reading level.  And well everything is just buried at the moment, remember?


Oh the closet.  It's not terrible, but it could be so much better. Although the clothes bomb has covered the room, the clothes storage is actually not a huge problem.

What do we love?
The bins on the top shelf for outgrown clothing are definitely staying.  They make it very easy to sort clothes when it's time to pass them on to Mia's cousins.  The big bin for dress-up clothes is the perfect size and I love the built-in compartments to help organize it all. The hanging/dresser clothes storage combo definitely works.  All dresses and coats are on hangers and everything else is stored with ease in the dresser.  All clothes in the next size up/next season are stored in a shallow tub under her bed.

What don't we love? 
At first I thought it would be a good idea to keep some of her smaller toys corraled in bins and stored on the top shelf of her closet.  This way she would have to ask me to get them down and we would need to put them up after we're done.  But having the toys up there means she can't access them or put them away without help.  And she's aqcuired a doll house since then that doesn't fit up in the closet.  I would like everything stored together, and more importantly, would like to foster a little more independence and responsibility in Mia to take her things out to play and put them back where they belong without the help of mom and dad.

So we're making #3...CREATE A NEW SPOT FOR MIA'S SMALLER TOYS AND DOLL HOUSE.  *This will probably involve a furniture swap!

There are two areas we have not used to their full potential, and that's wall space and space under the bed.  Taking advantage of both these areas of room real estate will help us create a room that has much better storage and is much easier to maintain.  Let's pray anyway...

And of course, while we're at it, I think we'll have a little fun with her room design.  I had almost trapped myself into a pink/green/yellow only color scheme and want to make sure we don't get stuck there.   I have lots of little projects in the works that I'm excited to see come to life!  Plans for the room design tweaks are coming up next!