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Our "Mantle" - First Stab At Spring

Deme Crinion4 Comments
We do have a fireplace in our home, but it spans an entire wall in the man cave.  Not the ideal location to switch out seasonal decor for me us to enjoy.  The top of the piano in our living room is a great substitute, and gives us a place to play around with accessories without killing any manly vibes.

On Friday, I shared the sad state of our makeshift "mantle"....
No color, sparse after the Christmas decorations were packed up, and like a blaring depressing symbol of the winter that will just not leave. Ok, that was a little dramatic, but you get the idea.

Like everyone else in this fine country, I'm SO ready for spring.  And if it's not coming outside, then I'm forcing it in.

Back here I filled these candle holders with pinon coffee beans.  The smell of coffee instantly takes me to a happy place, but these beans have chocolatey undertones. The result when mixed with vanilla candles is heavenly.

But they are brown and more of a fall scent than an ode to spring (although coffee and I are BFF's year round).  I wanted something with a little more color and since I rarely light these candles during spring/summer, the aroma did not matter.  Which made dried split peas the perfect solution!  They added a punch of color, are small enough to be a stable base for nestled candles, and they're a great texture.

I started by transfering the coffee beans to a zip lock bag for future use.  If your beans have lost some of their yummy smelling goodness, then just chuck them.

 I saved most and any that were covered in wax, I scooped out of the glass and into the trash with a spoon.

I wiped out the vases, then cracked open a bag of dried split peas I picked up from the grocery store (I bought a total of 3 bags and ended up using 2 1/2).   I filled roughly 1/4-1/3 of each vase with peas, then did a little eye-balling and shifting of peas until they all looked even.  I set the candles in and we were done!

I still need to find something to fill the basin, but this piece is already taking on new life.

Tulips are my absolute favorite, and you can't go wrong with fresh flowers when it comes to spring.  Or anytime of the year for that matter!  A crisp white vase is another breath of fresh air to this mantle.

I moved the glass candle that was next to our engagement frame and put a small bud vase of white blooms in it's place.

It's not totally spring ready, but it's definitely a happy start!

How are you combating this extra long winter?  Has spring arrived in your neck of the woods?  How are you forcing...ahem....welcoming it into your abode?