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Floors, and Rugs, and Plans...Oh My!

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Have I ever mentioned on this blog how amazing my husband is?  I won't get all mushy gushy on you here, but really, the man rocks.  He works incredibly hard for our family, comes home and is totally present with the kids, makes time to continue dating me, and is a football coach on the side.  Because he loves the game and has a heart for teenagers (we used to do high school youth ministry together).

So, there's always a pang of gilt when I start a conversation with "Hey Babe, do you think we could tackle ______ this weekend?".  He needs down time, and our family does too.  But he did marry a DIY addict (little did he know!).  And as much as I love getting my hands dirty with projects around the house, there are some things I just need his help with.

He's usually happy to oblige, but we both agree that certain times of the year are not great for the "honey do" list.  If we want to keep our sanity anyway.  Football is a year round thing when you factor in spring training, summer ball, football camps and the non-profit football academy that he runs.

May is generally a slow month when it comes to his work and football schedule.  Which means.....Mama gets her project on!  We talked about which of the bigger projects on my our list was the priority and the master bedroom took the cake.

For as long as we've been in this house I have broken my own stance that your bedroom should be a sanctuary from the daily stresses of work and family life.  Even if the rest of house is a hot mess and just standing amidst the chaos makes your head spin, your bedroom should be the one place you can go shut the door and escape.  Without the stress of another mess surrounding you.  If the house is out of control, I say start with your bedroom.

But follow my own advice?  Psha!  Crazy talk.   If you walked into my master bedroom this very moment, more than anything  you would be confused.  There's boxes full of books (for the bookcases we plan to build), more boxes full of frames (for a gallery wall we're scheming up for the hallway), two lamps that don't have a landing pad yet, random decor items that we eventually want to use in the room, toys and books right in the middle of the walkways (Lord only knows what's under the bed), and a random bag of papers that need to be shredded.  I'll spare you the details of our bathroom/closet area which Jack targets for a rampage every morning.  I'm also certain the kid has an unhealthy shoe fetish.

Sooooo, the plan for May?  Lay the ground work for me to start putting this room together!  Here's the mood board I cooked up several months ago when we were just starting to dream about plans for this room.

The overall color scheme might change a bit but we definitely love the classic look of blue and white, paired with rustic wood elements.  We'll layer in some other colors but that will be the room's base.  Here's where we'll start in May...

-Paint!  This is always such an exciting step.  I feel like once we crack open the paint cans, the project is really underway.  I'm leaning towards white walls (possibly with some sort of molding/treatment) and a darker color for the focal wall.  Something that will pop from behind the white bookcases. 

-Build bookcases/nightstands that will flank the bed 

-Rip up the disgusting know, the cheapest kind a home owner can install right before selling so they can claim "new carpet!".  We have hard flooring we purchased from Costco several months ago, just hanging out in the garage.  Originally we planned to put it first in the dining room, entry, and hallway but tackling a flooring project with three young kids is sort of insane.  Their little feet are everywhere and telling Jack not to go somewhere is like a personal invitation to come party.

Since we eventually want to take that flooring into the bedrooms, we figured our bedroom would be a good trial run.  We can work out the installation kinks in a room where we can close the door before we venture into the high traffic areas of the house.

You know what that means....hard floors mean a new rug!  Gah!!

I hopped online to ogle at some dreamy options. There are so many different ways we could go, and all will lend a different vibe to the room.

There's natural fiber options.  A great textural addition to the room and very neutral.
Alternate View

Or maybe a something with bold color and graphic design...
Mohawk Home Mixed Chevrons Area Rug

Rugs USA Homespun Nawra Trellis Navy Rug

Indoor/Outdoor Square Grid Rug

How about the black and white combo I just can't seem to resist lately.  Ok, maybe not for this room, but how awesome are these...
LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile IKEA The rug is easy to vacuum and maintain thanks to its flat surface.

Serendipity 2291 Black Rug
(source) - 80% off right now!

Rugs USA Homespun Rockville Beige Rug
(source) - 50% off right now!

Floral options could add a bit of charm and whimsy...

Crystal Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Boho Boutiqueβ„’ Peacock Area Rug

Boho Boutiqueβ„’ Wool Area Rug - Lime

 Rugs USA Plymouth Tuscan Multi Rug

Or something more traditional/persian, like these...
Rugs USA Radiante Wisdom Red Rug

Istanbul Jewel Kashan Navy Rug

Milliken Kashmiran Sharak Red Cinnamon Rug

Rugs USA Radiante Opul Sandstone Rug

But, I just might have my heart set on one of these kilims (which are way out of my price range)...
Alternate View


Or something with a similar feel...
Magical Thinking Diamond Medallion Rug - urban outfitters



8' 3 x 10' 2 Rust Red Kilim Area Rugs

3' 1 x 4' 5 Beige Balouch Area Rugs

Gianna Recycled Yarn Kilim Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Clearly I'm all over the place, but since James and I have very different tastes, I'm sure we'll be able to eliminate several of these very quickly.  If anyone's in the market for an area rug, Rugs USA is having a huge spring sale!  Tons of rugs are 50-80% off with free shipping.  Can't beat that!