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DIY Pom Pom Trimmed Curtains...From A Tablecloth

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Otherwise known new closet doors!

I knew I wanted to make some sort of curtain to act as doors for my newly organized office closet.

I wanted something pretty subdued that wouldn't compete with the bold print of my black and white curtains that hang by my desk.

A clean white seemed to work best but I still wanted to dress them up.  I've been dying to use a little pom pom trim somewhere in the house and this seemed the perfect spot.  A little hint at the fun hidden behind the "doors".

I love finding unconventional fabrics and textiles to use for curtains.  Shower curtains, drop cloths, duvet covers....all give you a ton of fabric bang for your buck, and are often cheaper than a standard curtain/drape panel.  For this project I used a standard 70x84" oblong tablecloth - same length as a curtain panel but wider.  I grabbed this one for $14.99 at Target and some snazzy teal pom pom trim from Joann's.

One shower curtain was enough to give me two panels that would cover the opening of my closet.  I followed the same method I used for my duvet curtains.  Here's what I did....

I started by folding the table cloth in half length wise.  Then, I lined up the folded edge flush with the edge of our area rug.

I unfolded the panel and my center line was now lined up with the edge of the rug.

I cut right along the edge of the rug, using it as my guide.

When I was done I had two identical panels.

The next step was to iron.  I took one panel over to the ironing board, folded over the raw/cut edge about 3/4" and ironed it down.  I also ironed the rest of the panel smooth.

I took this panel over to my sewing machine and just sewed a straight stitch all the way down. The other three edges were already finished.  Now, if you don't have the lazy gene like I do and want this to look professional (or just done correctly), you can fold over and iron the edge 1/2" and then over again so that no raw edges are showing (like the other sides). Then sew.  (You could easily make this a no-sew project altogether and just use Heat n Bond instead of sewing).

I did the same thing with the other panel and then it was time to play with pom poms!  Too bad I didn't have a cheer leading uniform to don for this whole shenanigan.

I started by pinning one end of my 3 yard long pom trim piece to the top of one panel.

Then I laid it out along the side of the curtain.

I left myself a little extra and cut the trim about an inch below the bottom edge of the panel. Turns out I would need it!

Again, my laziness kicked in and I opted to wield my hot glue gun over sewing.  I hate dealing with pins when sewing and in my online search, saw several people that used hot glue for their trim with no issues.  Hallelujah!

I started at the top and worked my way down in 4-6 inch sections.  I ended up with just enough to hit the top of the bottom hem.

 For the second panel, I did the same but didn't cut the bottom end of the trim until I had finished gluing. I cut the bottom edge of the trim even with the first panel's trim.

A cheap cafe rod and few ring clips later, and this closet had herself a new dress!

 I wanted to be able to hold back the panels somehow, and since whatever I used wouldn't be seen from the outside, I just mounted two large robe hooks that I had in the garage sideways on either side of the closet opening.

I just eyeballed the placement of the first one.  Then I measured the distance from the ground up to the first hook to get an even placement measurement for the second hook.  

They make free and totally functional tie backs!

I really love the way the round poms play off the gold dots of the closet walls and how well the color ties in to the other teal accents in the my fav desk pillow.

So, office closet - officially DONE!  Now just a couple more little projects to wrap up my workspace.  It's already functioning so much better and is starting to transform into an inspiring place to work!

Anyone else pom pom obsessed?  What have you pommed around your house?  Yes, 'pommed' is totally a word.  Don't bother looking it up ;)

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