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DIY Hooded Bath Towels For Kids

Deme Crinion4 Comments
A few weeks ago I met up with a couple girlfriends for a sewing night.  These days, it seems the only time I can actually be productive at the machine and knock out a few projects is when I meet up with the girls after the kids are in bed.  This time I left the home dec projects for another night and focused on a couple of super simple things for the kids.

Jack is 2 now and those sweet hooded towels for baby just weren't giving the big guy much coverage.  Even the toddler ones seemed rather short.  My friend Katie showed us how to make our own hooded towels using just a washcloth and a towel.
kids bath towel from a towel and washcloth

I'm sure you've heard that if you can sew a straight line, you can sew most things.  Well my lines are rarely straight, but these towels are a great project for those of us just getting acquainted with a sewing machine!

*And as a side note, I would say if you are making these for kids ages 2-4 go with a washcloth hood.  For ages 4+ I would use a hand towel [turned horizontal] to create a larger hood.  Mia is 5 and this hood is a little small for her. I'll probably replace it with a hand towel hood this summer.  Then again, my kids have ginormous melons.

Here we go!  

Take your washcloth and fold it in half with the inside out, and with the large bands overlapping.

 Stitch them together with a straight line just under the edge.

With the washcloth still inside out, lay the open end over the center of the top edge of the towel.

Sew these pieces together

And seriously...that's it. 5-10 minutes per towel and done!  Flip that hood right side out and you are ready for bath time! 

Now here's the other reason I decided to tackle this project.  Our previous towel situation...
We had this great over-the-door towel hanger, but you couldn't close the door when it was in place.  So we've been living it up ghetto style with the door rack hanging over a towel bar.

We also had a complete hodge-podge of towels (none really designated as "kids' bath towels) that drug along the floor.

So I took down the old towel bar, patched the holes, and mounted a three hook wall mount in it's place.

A perfect spot for three sweet towels. 

I mounted the hooks a little lower so that the kids could put up their own towels after a bath/shower, but still high enough to keep the towels off the ground.

They are pretty happy with them and so am I!

 So...who's ready to bust out some hooded towels?!  For anyone wondering, I grabbed all my towels and washcloths from Target.  Where else! ;)