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Catching Up

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Happy Monday!  I hope y'all had a great weekend!  Not sure why I'm typing with a Texas drawl...

Anyhow! We had an incredibly busy weekend, but somehow James and I managed to find time to finally chat about some bigger stuff - work, blog, family, finances, etc, etc.   It's amazing how much a 15 minute conversation can smooth all those little stress nerves that creep up and get me on edge when we haven't touched base in awhile. 

Since our family has been sick for basically all of 2013 (how's that for dramatic?), I have grossly neglected our family blog.

Crinion Clan

When I get backed up on posting photos and family updates, it feels like climbing a mountain to get it back up to date.  I finally got a "What I Wore" picture dump of all the outfits I haven't posted, so if you in the mood for some fashion randomness, hop on over.
green skinnies, polka dot shirt, navy green and yellow

I normally do a marathon post of all the pics from each of our family trips, but I'm going to break up the Texas beach trip into a few posts...less intimidating and probably have a better chance of actually getting done. 

As for this here blog, I have a new series that I'm excited to share later this week, along with a couple of easy sewing projects and an organizing beast finally conquered!  Hope you're week is off to a great start!