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Back In The Proverbial Blogging Saddle

Deme Crinion2 Comments
Happy Monday!  I know there's been nothing but crickets on this blog for the past week or so.  We took some much needed time off during Easter with a trip to Galveston Beach.  And promptly upon pulling back into the driveway after a 15 hr drive, all three kids came down with a cold/virus.  Which sent my little guy into asthma mode.  No fun.  Thankfully they are all on the mend and here's hoping a decent night sleep is not far off!

Our time at the beach was literally a breath of fresh air to my soul.  The weeks leading up to the trip had been incredibly busy, emotionally taxing, and downright stressful.  I grew up on the CA coast, and although I've come to love the desert, the beach is like home to me.   Our trip was full of late night talks catching up with family and carefree days by the water.  I think I had actually forgotten what carefree felt like. Ever been there? 

The trip back and the last few days with sick kiddos have left us a bit exhausted again, but my head and heart still feel clear and recharged.

I'm excited to be back and to share some fun posts with you this week!  My new office closet "doors" are coming up later this afternoon, so stop back in a bit!  Here's a little hint...