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What I Wore Sunday: Purple and Spiritual Spring Training

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Last week we missed the party over at Fine Linen And Purple, and just blogging over here at all because we were hit with yet another cold.  I don't think we've ever had a winter quite this bad when it comes to being down and out with some sort of cold or bug.

I tried to get everyone caught up on our clan's highlights yesterday via a Seven Quick Takes Friday post.  I seriously doubt I would have blogged at all here over the past few months if it weren't for that link up.  So, thanks Jen!

As for what we, Mia and I somehow managed to clad ourselves in purple without any real coordination.  It was also the first time I've worn this necklace of my Grandmother's.  You can see all her treasures my mom passed on to me, including a close up this one, over here.  It was actually warm enough to leave the coat at home AND wear open toed shoes.  Which of course, I did not grab a picture of.
Sweater: Target (3 or 4 years ago) | Necklace: Grandma Emily

Mia's purple outfit had a little more pizazz...

Then the clouds rolled in, so I ran to my grey skinnies and granny sweater.  I don't know what I'll do whenever my beloved house coat kicks the bucket.  My slipper boots that I wear around the house everyday, already sported two holes in the bottom.  If I ever have to chuck the sweater too, I just might crawl in a hole for a few days.  The kids will feed themselves, right?
(Cream sweater & Butterfly shirt: both old, both Old Navy | Grey Skinnies: Target clearance | Boots: Marshalls)

Last Sunday, a guest priest delivered the homily.  He stated that the word Lent actually means "spring".  For some reason this took me by surprise.  I guess I've always considered the season of Lent to be more of a winter, and Easter the great springtime.   He drew parallels of an athlete in spring training.....waking up his muscles to prepare for his upcoming season.  He also talked about the spring cleaning of our homes, where we purge of all the unnecessary things we've acquired and get down to the dirty business of cleaning the gunk that's accumulated.

Lent is the same for us.  It is our soul's spring training - the time to wake up those spiritual muscles and habits that may have become dormant through a spiritual winter.   To prepare for the work ahead and the call God has on our lives.

It's also our spring cleaning - the time to rid ourselves of the junk that has piled up, of all the things we've allowed to enter our lives that distract us from hearing, loving, and serving our Lord.  And yes, a time for a deep cleaning through prayer, fasting, and repentance. 

I will be honest.  So, far I have struggled through Lent.  I've struggled to keep my Lenten commitments each day and I've struggled to even desire them.   But this does not mean that my Lent has not or will not be fruitful.   It hurts to get our bodies back in shape.  Our muscles are sore after being woken up from their slumber.  It takes time and dedication for the athlete that's been out of physical shape to return to his peak.  There are many days he doesn't feel like going to work out.  But the soreness and fatigue are pain that is good.  The athlete knows that pain is a sign of progress.  And it fuels him to keep going. 

I'm choosing to see my Lenten failures (big or small) as the struggle the athlete experiences when he's getting back into shape.  He tries to do the things he used to do before, but he just can't do them as well and gets really tired after doing them.  It's because he's out of shape.  As he slowly gets into better condition those things will become easier and like second nature again.

I'm getting back into spiritual shape.  It hurts and I'm tired.  But it will get easier and the athlete will emerge in the end, if I continue to train.

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