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What I Wore Sunday: The Irish Edition

Deme Crinion12 Comments
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  You best believe we were are claiming all 25% of our Irishness today.  Maybe less, but who's really keeping track.

My mom is here visiting, so we thought we would attempt the rarely nabbed family photo.  Every single one turned out like this...
I'm not blaming the photographer.  They're just a goofy, blurry bunch.  At least they're smiling.

We tried to get a shot with Yiayia and the kids too.  We were lucky enough to grab ONE clear shot with all eyes open and looking toward the camera.

The rest looked like this....

I really need to find some better Photoshoping skills.

The last time I wore this shirt was on St. Patrick's day 5 years ago when Mia was just 6 months old.  I could not find the picture of the two of us from back then, but we tried to recreate the shot anyway.

After two decent shots, we got a little distracted.   Look at those toes...

Oh, hello photo-bomber, join the party.

Hey, where's that third kid? Does he have a spray bottle pointed at his face?

Yes. He does.  He has a water bottle pointed at his face and he's spraying himself repeatedly.

Stop spraying yourself in the face and drenching your entire front side.
A day in the life...
(Top: I think Target, over 5 years ago | Skinnies: Old Navy | Shoes: classic black pumps - shoe swap with a friend)

We had a full day of church, work, play and good eatin'.  James made a scrumptious shepherd's pie and we finished the night with these lucky ducks.  They are my sister-in-law's recipe - perfectly soft, cake-like sugar cookies.  Recipe will be up on the house blog tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great weekend and go pay Fine Linen & Purple a visit for more churchly attire.