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What I Wore Sunday: Holy Week!

Deme Crinion11 Comments
It's Palm Sunday!  How are we already at Holy Week?!?!  We'll be hitting the road Thursday night and making the trek to TX for Easter.  And praying the kids sleep through the midnight car ride.  I feel like my to-do list before we go might explode, but this is Holy Week....

No matter how your Lenten sacrifice or commitments have gone up to this point, this is the week to lean in.  What Christ wants more than anything thing (and what we need more than anything this week), is to offer Him the sacrifice of our time.  Quiet moments, both literally and in our busy brain, to focus on Him.  His passion. His sacrifice.  His love....His incomparable love. 

Whether we're able to make it to the Holy Week masses or not, we can find ways to redirect our hearts even in the midst of the daily routine, and for us, amidst the packing!  I'll be searching for quiet moments to steal in between what's shaping up to be a crazy busy week.  I pray you can too!

And this is a "what I wore" post with the gals at Fine Linen & Purple, so here's this Sunday's ensam...
(Blazer & wedge heels: Target | Black skinnies & sequined tee: Old Navy | Bracelet: gift from my mom | Necklace: gift from my in laws)

When i got home, I traded the blazer for my comfy cardi, and I kind of love the purple and yellow combo.  Colors that make me feel like spring even though the high today was 48.  I know some of you have it worse, so I digress.

I hope you all have a blessed Holy Week!