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These days...

Deme Crinion10 Comments
Let just air the dirty laundry, shall we?  My post for today is simply not ready.  Not ready because I haven't had time or a clear head to finish it because I've been battling my 3 1/2 year old with nap time.  For the past 3 weeks.

I think he truly is ready to begin dropping it, BUT there are absolutely days that he still needs a nap.  Which he refuses to do and whose screaming over not wanting to sleep promptly wakes up his younger brother who DEFINITELY needs a nap.  We're dealing with a little boy who is very sleep deprived and falls somewhere in between toddler and big boy. 

I know he needs firm discipline.  I know that he needs mercy.  Some days I'm just not sure which.  I suppose we all need both, right?   My kids are generally great sleepers, so I think my mommy pride took a hit when I just couldn't get this kid to stay in bed and sleep.  Hello, ego!  Everyone goes through bad days. Lots of bad days. When I finally just lost it in the middle of a fight over putting chapstick on his dry lips...he caved too.  I squeezed his arms and screamed in his face.  Ugly and loud.  He crumbled in tears and my heart broke.  I just held him and we both cried as I walked him to his room where his brother was already tucked in for a nap.

"I love you so much, Buddy.  Even when I'm frustrated and upset by your choices, I love you.  And I'm so sorry."

"Me too, Mama", he cried.

I held him for a long time and they are both finally sleeping now.  I think I will too. 

Can I bribe you to check back tomorrow with a jumbo post complete with cooking/meal planning tips, an organized recipe binder, and free printables?  I hope so!