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The Backyard Lawn: Prepping For Spring

Deme Crinion2 Comments
Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  At the end of last week we had some super exciting stuff going on in our backyard.  Grass, people!  Grass! 

One thing I love about Albuquerque is that although it's desert, you still see a lot of greenery through flowers, trees, etc. in the neighborhoods near the mountains and along the Rio Grande....which ironically, isn't very grand.  Think large stream versus raging river.

Anyhow.  The backyard of this house was definitely a selling feature for us.  It's not huge but with three young bambinos, having a grassy yard that gets shade during the hottest part of the day was a huge improvement over the dirt and desert landscaping of our previous homes.

But since we are in the desert, things like an unnoticed broken sprinkler head and leaving large play toys out overnight, can very quickly lead to dry patches and dead spots in the lawn. 

I think the only post I shared last year that included shots of our backyard was this post on a summer brunch on the patio I had with some girlfriends (and with the Mr. playing chef).  I conveniently cropped out a patch of lawn in front of the brick that looked like it had a severe case of mange.

You can see a bit of it here:
Not only were there several bare patches, but the ground was extremely uneven. 

The rest of the yard was in pretty decent shape.  Just a few spots that needed some attention.

Since we've had some warmer temps and our yard will soon be coming out of it's dormant state, we decided to take care of our balding lawn baby.  We had a great crew come in and lay new sod in the area between the covered patio and brick patio/fountain.  You can see the line where the new sod meets the rest of our lawn.

When they dug up what was left of the old lawn they also leveled the ground.  So much better!  And safer for little running feet!

I'm standing on the patio where all those toys are camped out for this shot.

The rest of the lawn was treated with an aerator and seeded/fertalized.  

We need to water twice a day and stay off the lawn for a week.  Probably could have timed that better since the kids are on spring break this week.  Oops.

You can obviously see that the new sod is still dormant and not yet bright green.  It will come to life with the rest of our yard and after a few days of watering it's already turning green.  Purchasing sod at this point in the season is almost half the price of getting it well into spring/summer.  So, if you're considering it for your own yard, now is the time!  Unless you are lucky enough to be someplace where it's still snowing ;) Then it's best to wait until your mornings are free of frost.

Who else is getting to work in their yard? And who's still donning the hat and gloves?