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Some Randomness To Wrap Up The Week

Deme Crinion6 Comments
Happy Friday!   This post is a bit random, but here we go.

First, some business.

-There's been an increase in spam comments on the blog, so I've begun to monitor the comments before they are published.  I wouldn't want any of you to click on a link and end up picking up a bug, being taken to an inappropriate site, or get roped into any sort of Internet hoax/scheme.  So, hopefully I can filter them without you seeing them.  As always, I welcome, nay love, your comments and appreciate every single one!  I will however delete anything that I deem to be inappropriate or spam-like.  I hate having to even write this, but tis reality.

-In adjusting the comment settings I realized that I had been committing my own blog commenting pet peeve: the word verification box.  Ahh!!  So sorry.  I didn't realize it was still on and it obviously didn't filter out those other spam comments, so it's gone.

On to some lighter news.  I thought I would share a few online finds from this week.  A hodge-podge of virtual goodness if you will.

-First up, the "Happy Drink" from Modern Parents Messy Kids.  I saw this on Pinterest and my curiosity is peaked.  The Mr and I are trying to make healthier food choices, and coffee...well, I like my cream with a little coffee. I use stevia as my sweetener and have been using Coffee Mate's Natural Bliss Vanilla Creamer, with just 4 all natural ingredients.  That I could guzzle.  But if I can eliminate more sugar and still enjoy my hourly daily cup,  I'm open to trying something new.

Coffee, coconut milk, and raw cocao make up this drink that boasts a kick in the pants to the sugar induced low energy monster. 

Anyone else tried this?  I'll report my findings. 

-I ordered this little gem from DownEast Basics and it arrived today.  I was looking for a dainty gold necklace and at $4.99 I'm in "love".  Sorry, couldn't resist ;)  The chain is shorter than I anticipated but if I had read the measurements, I wouldn't have been surprised.  Regardless, I heart it.

-A maxi skirt is one of my favorite things to wear during spring and summer.  The Evangelista wrote a great post on how to style it without looking like (a) your pregnant or (b) drowning in fabric. And if you are pregnant, then all the more reason to get yourself one - comfy chic at its finest!

That wraps it up!  As for the weekend....thank goodness my mom is coming next week and will be staying in our office/guest room; otherwise, that room would never get done.  I'm making the push to finish the office closet and the rest of my workspace.  Hope you have a great weekend too!