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Sneaky Wrapping Paper Storage

Deme Crinion3 Comments
We're putting the final touches on our office closet today, but I wanted to share a quick (and free!) storage project we recently checked off the list.

I used to keep all of our wrapping paper and supplies (gift bags, scissors, tape, ribbon, tags, etc,) in a long shallow plastic tub that I stored under the bed.  Everything fit, but whenever I opened it I was greeted by a gift wrap casserole.  All my supplies in a mixed up jumble.

So, of course, I ran to my ole pal Pinterest.  There's certainly no shortage of ideas for storing wrapping supplies, and I took the idea of using some unlikely space to house our wrapping paper.  I saw several pins like this one where people took advantage of the ceiling space in an extra closet.

Our closet isn't huge and there's a lone light bulb right in the center of the ceiling, so the ceiling option was out.  BUT, there was some space just underneath the top shelf.

I've seen strings, cables and even tension rods used to hold the paper rolls.  I wanted to work with what we had on hand, so twine was our winner!  I also grabbed four of these screws from a picture hanging kit, and since they were going into solid wood and not holding anything too heavy, the short length was perfect.

I started by placing a screw about 6 inches from the side wall of the closet and 1 inch down from the underside of the top shelf (you may need more space if your rolls are wide), on the front edge.

I placed another one the same distance as the first onto the back wall.  Then, I tied a piece of twine to one end.

I looped it through the other hook and pulled down on the center so I could see how low it would hang with the weight of the rolls.  I adjusted it until I was happy with the height and then tied off the loose end.

Next, I held up a roll of wrapping paper flush with that left side of the closet. Then I measured in 6 inches from the opposite end of the roll and one inch down, and installed the other set of two screws.  This helped ensure the rolls would be mostly centered on the two strings.  (*If you have different lengths to your rolls of paper, just ensure your two strings are closer to each other than the length of your shortest roll).

To make sure the strings were also level, I pulled down on the center of the first string and measured the depth from the shelf to the bottom of the string.
 I did the same pull & adjust move on the second string as I did with the first (with just one end tied off) until it was the same depth as the first string when I pulled down on the center.  Then I tied it off and loaded my rolls!

Since this space under the shelf is much more narrow than the ceiling, it meant that all my rolls wouldn't fit unless I dropped the strings and stacked them on top of each other. But that would also mean they would hang below the bar, and be much more visible.  I wanted them to be as concealed as possible, so I sent the Christmas/holiday rolls back to the bin and just kept my regular rolls for this spot.  I try not to allow myself to get a crazy stock pile of papers on hand, so hopefully a one-in, one-out rule will work for this little set up.

Standing in front of the closet you can hardly tell they're there!

If you bend down you can see them, but I'm so happy with the small footprint they take up in the closet!  And the fact that I can reach them without a ladder (another plus over going with the ceiling!).

I mostly use my paper for craft/DIY projects, but when it comes time to actually wrap a gift, I have a box of wrapping supplies on a nearby shelf, so I can just grab a roll and the box and go!

Those rolls you see below them are my shelf liners.  I just borrowed a white sweater vase I used throughout the winter to corral them all in one happy spot.

As for all my Christmas gift wrap.....since it's seldom used, it will stay in the tub I was previously using for all my supplies.  I put the scissors, tape and tags into a box so they stay together in one spot inside the tub.  I also put another tried and true trick to use for all the rolls.

At one point I had used rubber bands to keep the rolls from unraveling.  But this happened...
Torn paper right at the site of the rubber band. 

So I grabbed a some empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, cut them down and made some handy cuffs to keep the paper nice and snug.  And free of rips.

Moral of the story, rubber bands and wrapping paper are bad; TP rolls and wrapping paper are good.  I'm givin' ya pearls here.  Although they're someone else's genius pearls :)

So tell do you store your wrapping paper and supplies?  Are they all together in one place or scattered around?  Now it's time to find a spot for the gift bags.  Oye!

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