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Reader Spot: A Sweet Nursery For Two

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Okay, brace yourself.  Some serious DIY cuteness is about to happen on this blog and it's not from me.  Meet Sheena, who blogs over at Bean In Love.  She's a stylin' Mama to two of the most adorable little bean sprouts: 8 month old twin girls.  Sheena has all sorts of DIY tricks up her sleeve but the room she's created for these sweet sprouts is quite possibly one of the most charming girl's rooms I've ever seen.  I'm so excited to share it, and her, with you today! 

I asked Sheena a few questions about the room and the different projects they tackled to create this girly haven.....

-What was the space like before you began?
It’s gone from our home office to future nursery/storage space for future twins to almost nursery/storage space for current twins to real life nursery in the span of a little over a year.    

-What were some of the things that inspired the colors or other choices in the design?

The colors hail from this shirt I’ve been holding onto since high school.  I always thought the peach, coral, tan, pink, light pink, and white would make great colors for a room someday, and since I think Anthony would rather I not transfer them to our bedroom, living room, or any other space we equally call ours, the girls room it is!  

The design is inspired by whatever I find in thrift stores or out and about or, the stripes for example, by Pinterest.  I can thank multiple middle-of-the-night feeding sessions and Anthony’s smart phone for many browsings and pinnings from that deep abyss of inspiration for sure. 

-What were any problem areas and how did you address them?

The room is pretty small (10 x 12), which really isn’t a problem when you’re talking a nursery unless you’re talking a twin nursery.  With that being said, there are three main things I was determined to fit into their nursery – their cribs (duh), a long dresser complete with a changing station, and a rocking chair.  

As much as I’d love to have a larger bookshelf, a play area, and a little reading nook, those things just aren’t possible if we’d actually like to be able to walk in the room.  But we’re happy without them.  Someday the rocking chair will bid adieu and maybe then we’ll have space for something else.  

The only other problem/annoyance we’ve run into is stud locations.  I know you can’t help how a house is built but when you need to drill into a stud to hang something (like the humongo window painting) but there’s no stud where your heart was set to hang it, it can throw a small wrench in decorating plans.  But, then again, I guess it just makes for a good challenge…and some cute floating shelves. 

-How did you get your resourceful/thrifty/think outside the box/DIY on?

Addicted?  Quite possibly.  Trying to create two little beans' paradise on a budget?  Definitely!  Budget aside though, I love how much meaning everything has in their room.  Sure, I could scout out a couple of nice, cheap lamps on the clearance shelf at Target or snatch up some ho-hum curtains for fairly cheap at Wal-Mart, but they don’t have meaning and love sewn into every stitch or the satisfaction of a good job done included...or some quiet time for me to do my thing which makes for one sane momma. 

-What makes the space special and unique?
The cost, without a doubt – we were graciously given both cribs, the buffet/dresser, and the window art.  The rocking wing chair is a thrift store find ($5) and the grand total of all of the projects doesn’t even break $100 ($96 to be exact)!  There’s still lots more we intend to do, twin-willing, but we’re still intent on staying within a super limited budget.  Someday, when our student loans are forever demolished, maybe, just maybe, I’ll think about spending more.


Pretty adorable, right?  The color palette is so soft and feminine, the stripes divine, and all of the personal, handmade touches just infuse so much love and charm into the space!  And the budget for the room blows my mind!  What's your favorite part?  

Be sure to hop over to Bean In Love for details on all the projects in this beautiful room and plenty more DIY goodness. Thank you so much for sharing your girls' space with us, Sheena!!

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