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Pinboard to Home: Painted Interior Door

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The Pinboard to Home project for February is complete! Just six coats of paint later, we finally have a red(ish) door in our laundry room!  As a couple of you suggested, a grey primer probably would have saved me a lot of time...and sore shoulder muscles from all that rolling.  I was trying to use paint I had on hand and ended up needing to buy more paint anyway to get the right coverage.  Live and learn from my mistakes here - go with the grey primer!  Despite the simple but excrutiatingly long painting process, I'm over the moon for the results!

First, here's a recap of which Pinterest ideas inspired this month's project.  I was drawn to the graphic elements, contrast, and of course, color of these doors.

graphic design with electrical tape...would be great with paint too

pink chalkboard door

I came home with a jumbo sized pile of samples from Lowes (on a two for one sale weekend!).  I was really drawn to the blue-greens but the Mr. has this thing about teal.  I believe the direct quote was, "I don't like a color that can't make up its mind whether it's one or the other."  Stab to the heart I tell ya.  Teal is one of my favorites. 

Since the laundry room walls will be a very light grey and the washer/dryer are dark grey, a blue hue would have added to an already very cool feeling space.  So what better to warm and spice things up than a red? We went with Valspar's Berrylicious (the one towards the bottom)...and that it is!  Sometimes it reads more coral and sometimes more berry.  I love it either way.

 We used Frog Tape for the lines and got fantastic results! I'll share the detailed how-to on the lines/design next week.
We still have some walls to paint but I love, love, love this cheerful point of interest in the room!  We still have three different colors on the walls - green, tan, and light grey. I know the door will pop even more and feel more cohesive once all those walls go grey.

The view while sitting at the breakfast nook...

Maybe it's because winter feels extra long this year or maybe just because I'm a sucker for color, but I love this warm element peaking out from the doorway.  It will definitely inspire a fun makeover for the rest of the space!  

*I'm linking this baby up to A Bowl Full Of Lemons, Tatertots & Jello, and the Winter Pinterest Challenge  hosted by Michelle, SherryKatieMegan,

Hope you'll link up your projects too!