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March Pinboard to Home: Painted Ikea Light

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Time to share the next project up to bat in our monthly Pinboard to Home series!

We tackled a chalkboard family calendar in January, and just wrapped up our  painted interior door project last week.   In the spirit of really getting my butt in gear on something I've put off for a long time, I'm finally swapping out our dining room light for our March project.

We have a very ornate crystal chandelier currently providing the ambiance for our food-slinging family dinners.  It's very large, very beautiful, and very much too fancy pants for our casual young family.

A few months ago my friend Andrea (who blogs over at State Of The Home) made the 8 hr drive to the nearest Ikea and volunteered to take a shopping list for me.  After I finished kissing her feet so she could get on her way, she returned with my Ikea include one Ikea Maskros pendant.

I was so ridiculously excited!  I've seen it used in so many fantastic rooms across the blogsphere and thought it would be the perfect touch of whimsy and fun for our not-so-formal, formal dining room.

And it's been sitting in it's box ever since.  For SHAME! 

I can only try to blame it on the fact that I need to sell the chandelier first to make room for this newbie.  But excuses no more!  My mom is flying in for a visit next week and I'm forcing her to help me disassemble and bubble-wrap the heck out of the crystal chandelier so that it's ready to be moved/shipped.  I'll take plenty of pictures for future buyers before I do.

But this will not just be a simple light swap.  No, there will be DIY in the form of paint involved.  I know, you're not surprised :)

I didn't even consider the possibility of paint until I came across this photo from Amy Butler's Living Room in a recent pinning spree......

This sparked a search for more Pinterest photos of "painted Maskros light" and I found this beauty in an utterly charming nursery by Fifi Cheek.

There was even an ombre + color number from Picket Fence Design.

All add such a unique touch to the rooms they light.  I don't think I'll be going as bold with color on this project though.  Even the gold might be a little much, but I'm still thinking about champagne (if we go with a metallic finish) or maybe a even a blush color.

I'm still undecided, but the wheels are turning and I feel a mood board coming on!  It will definitely help me to visualize the plan for the whole space.

I know there are a ton of Ikea hack ideas out there - what are some of your favorites?  Anyone else taking on lighting challenges this month?