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What I Wore Sunday: Gingham & Pearls

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James doesn't return from his conference until later tonight, so since I was flying solo with the 3 Littles, I aimed for the 1030 am know, the one with Children's Liturgy for Mia and Sully.  They don't have to sit quietly as long, get much more out of the Gospel reading for that week, and are able to control themselves and sit quietly so much better once they rejoin us in church.  And I only have to wrangle one child for half of Mass.

Too bad, it was cancelled today.  However...except for Jack's inability to whisper and his need to comment on e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. they were all fantastic.  No meltdowns, no fits, no arguments, no innocent hair pulling victims in the row in front of us.  Thank you, Lord!

Today I wore one of the most comfortable outfits for Mass I've donned in weeks.  I've worn this dress/jumper many times before including the One Dress, Four Seasons post and here.  It's a great length so I never worry about having to pull it down or constantly adjust, and the material is super soft.

When I wear it with a collared shirt I tend to feel a little like a school girl or 1950's house wife.  I hoped pairing it with gingham, dark tights and booties would help modern it up a bit.

Of course, I am never alone when I get dressed.  Don't you wish old man button down pj's were acceptable Mass attire?  Or really just OK anywhere out of the house.

I also wore a tiered set of my Grandmother's pearls.  And some pearl bracelets.  And pearl earrings.  Too much pearl?  Maybe, but I'm ok with it.
And yes, that white mark on my hair is a giant GRAY strand.  I had several pop up over the past year and really didn't think it would start in my early 30' I totally living in another world here?  Please give me a virtual slap if I should be glad it didn't start sooner.

My Grandma's lovelies...

Throughout Lent I'm going to stick with the iPhone for these WIWS pics.  Somehow with the phone it's less about posing, it takes less time, and it's less pressure for how the picture (and I) look.  Pressure that came from no one but me.  It also means you will get to look at my peeling bathroom wallpaper and gross carpet throughout Lent since it's the only full length mirror in the house.  Consider it part of your Lenten sacrifice.

If you would like to see how the rest of our Lent is shaping up, you can check out this post here, and you can also find last year's Lenten series here

On a final note, this week I had the pleasure of meeting a friend I met through blogging.  I'm sure you know Stephanie from Captive The Heart.  She has an amazing blog for brides to be and an amazing style of her own that she shares through the WIWS linkup too.  Her hubby had to make a trip to ABQ for work, so she tagged along and we got to chat over coffee....real coffee! In person!  I treasure the connections I've made with so many of you through this blog world, and it's so much fun to actually meet face to face.  Stephanie, thank you for giving Jack and I a few minutes out of your trip!  You are truly a delight!

Rundown on the duds....

Dress | shirt: Old Navy online
Sweater tights | ankle boots | pearl bracelets: Target
Necklace:  Grandmother's

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