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What I Wore Sunday: Ankle Pants and Chunky Scarves

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Last week was a tag-team Mass week for us thanks to more sick kids.  What started as a cold turned into some breathing issues for Jack.  He's mildly asthmatic, so the common cold often morphs into the need for treatments with the nebulizer every few hours.   Our little guy is such a trooper (he's also the only one with a severe peanut allergy in the family), and we were thrilled (and thankful!) that everyone was well enough to attend Mass together as a family!

Today looked promising as far as weather goes, so I pulled out some of my transitional clothes for winter to spring.  I think the cropped ankle pant might be my go-to for spring and summer.  I found a pair on sale online and wasn't sure how they would fit.  I ordered true to size and they were so comfy!  However, next time I'll wear a belt to avoid pulling up and adjusting my pants every time we stood in Mass.
 You can't see the back here, but I'm busting out the "half tuck" with the front tucked in and the back out.  As it warms up, I can swap the classic heels for something with an open toe and roll up the sleeves on the shirt.  Should be an outfit that I can wear for several months!

The top has such a busy pattern that the rest of my necklaces were just lost in it.  A bold color and larger scale seemed to do the trick. Thank you Instagram for the close up of the baubles. 

By the time Mass ended, the clouds were rolling in...along with my cold-weather wimpiness.  I had been on the hunt for a really chunky infinity scarf for several weeks.  I was hoping to score one on a winter sale, but the snood style eluded me.  I spotted this beauty on the Old Navy clearance rack and remembered a tutorial over at Victorius on how to tie a scarf. 

So, I snagged it up and made my own!

Ends tied together, and I had my perfect chunky knit infinity scarf.

I'm sorry for the poor lighting, but I'm wearing it here wrapped around twice.

 And will be plenty warm for the rest of the day.
Vests are also my new favorite layering piece.  They add interest and warmth, which I will always take.  I didn't have any and wouldn't you know, I got 2 for Christmas!  My MIL sent me a super warm chocolately brown one that I wear on those really cold days.  This one is thinner, so it's coming in handy as the weather tries to make up it's mind.  I have a feeling that both vests will still get plenty of use over the next couple of months.

Here's the rundown....

Mass outfit:
Cropped ankle pants: Gap (online sale)
Black and white top: Target clearance rack
Heels (same as last week):  Free!  Shoe swap with a friend
Bauble necklace: $6 via Pick Your Plum website
Jumbo pearl earrings: Target

Cold Sunday afternoon duds:
White skinny jeans and boots: Target
Grey tunic:  Target clearance rack (maternity...for the non-maternity. Not preggos here.  I may need to take out the ruching on the sides to make it less obvious that it's maternity wear).
Vest and scarf: Old Navy clearance

Now that we finally seem to be coming out of the fog of winter sickness, I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule over here.  Thanks for hanging in there with these outfit posts in the meantime! 

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