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Superbowl Weekend!!

Deme CrinionComment
It's Friday!  And February - how?!  I feel like I completely missed January.  Do you?

I started tweaking some things on the blog last night, and now, well it's sort of a downward spiral.  I'm feeling the need to change things up a bit.  Must be that New Year's motivation to clean and organize still kicking!

So, over the weekend I'll be doing a little blog maintenance, hopefully fairly seamless for you!  We're also trying to finish up a handful of projects.....Jack's bed, the office closet, the donation bags we've filled but haven't donated, taxes.....Or I might just nap.  But not on Sunday afternoon.  Sunday I will be cheering for my NINERS!!!!!  I am not a quiet football fan, but hopefully not obnoxious.  We're watching with friends that have been with me to a football game before, so they are aware of this trait. I'm assuming their invitation means that they don't mind my "passionate" viewing.  Let's hope I can be a well behaved party guest and come up with a fun football inspired treat to bring along.

Hope you all have a great weekend!