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Reader Spot: Froggy Valentines - With Printable!

Deme Crinion2 Comments
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! 

One of the things I'm so excited to continue in this new year is the "Reader Spot" edition.  You're all so amazingly talented and creative - you deserve your own spot to shine!  

I love highlighting your work and it can be anything from a great before and after, an organizing system that's made life easier, or even just a small project that makes you today's sweet frog prince inspired valentines by Leanne from "...And Away We Go!"

Leanne was on the hunt for cute V-day toppers for treat bags her little man will be taking to his daycare friends later this week.  She found the inspiration to make her own from some sweet green gummies....

I've seen some pretty adorable options online, but wanted to try and come up with something original. I strolled the aisles of Bulk Barn looking for inspiration in the many bins of gummy candies, and settled on the frogs.

Frogs... kissing... valentines... perfect!!

I made up a simple tag on the computer and used ribbon to tie them to a small cellophane bag filled with the froggies!

 Super simple and super cute!

Super simple and cute indeed!  Could that froggy prince be more adorable?!  Such a fun and easy take on DIY Valentines.  And she's even sharing the princely love with all of you - hop over to Leanne's blog for a free printable  for yourself and more great ideas for home and family!  Thanks for sharing this sweet idea, Leanne!

What about you?  Do you have a project/idea to share?  Just click on the  Contribute tab on the menu bar for more info.  I would love to feature you here on the blog and will be sharing all your work/posts on the Fresh Coat Of Paint Facebook the way, have you "liked" us yet?  I would love it if you did!

Now, off to make some Valentines!