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Paint Party

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Since the hubs is off at a coaching conference, I'm busting out the paint cans!  He loves paint cans.  Really he does.  He just doesn't know it yet. 

If you follow along on instagram (freshcoatofpaint) you may already have seen this:

I know I won't get through them all but I'm hoping to finish up the open cabinets...mainly, so we can get the microwave off the counter!  It's become a serious counterspace hog.  AND so that we can finally start shifting some things around in the cabinets.  It's the kind of job that will probably create a big disaster before it gets better.  The kind of job that usually sends James into stress mode, so I think this timing is pretty good.  Let's all pray that I get past the disaster phase of everything on the counter before he gets home ;)

I may tackle a few smaller paint projects that have been lingering on the to-do list too, but I'm setting the bar pretty low here.  I'm not tackling anything crazy, just trying to knock a few things off the list.

Anyone else have plans to hit the "to-do" list?  Whether it's painting or just enoying some extra time with family and friends, I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!