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Our Lent 2013

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Gosh, doesn't Lent always seem to come at just the right time?  Or am I the only one that desperately needs to refocus?  We let a lot of things go during January the month of the sickos....move over dirty clothes, soiled sheets coming through....goodbye meal plan, hello Little Ceasar's Hot N Ready....set an alarm to wake up early for prayer and quiet, crazy talk.....too sick to go out and play, sure another episode of Super Why sounds great.

We settled into some convenient little habits and never really pulled our heads back out of the fog.  You know that feeling of needing to get back to a better way of doing things.  And thinking about all the ways you will.  And not actually doing them but hoping things will somehow get better?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result.

Today I sat with a warm cup of goodness on the back patio while the boys played and finally got my thoughts together.  Sometimes it takes the perfect dose of prayer, fresh air, and pen to paper for me to hear clearly.  Here's how I feel God calling me out of insanity mode...

It might seem like a lot, but this year especially, run not walk is how I'm coming to Lent.   When God gently shows us the ways we have misplaced our worth, our priorities, and our general identity, it makes a season like Lent...a season to "throw off everything that hinders"....a welcome gift.  

I'll share how we're doing Lent as a family in another post.  For now, the nap/quiet time block is over, so I gots ta go :)  I would love to hear how God is leading you this Lent!

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