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Office Update: Storing Printer Paper

Deme Crinion12 Comments
This effort to turn our guest bedroom into a shared office space continues to move at the pace of an injured turtle.  So I'll just keep sharing our small victories along the way.  Today, our printer paper is happily thanking us for it's new home!

 Not only were the piles of school/household/work papers a problem in our home, but our supply of printing papers were crying for help too.  Our card stock was buried in a pile of scrap booking papers, our address labels were actually in their box (...with the wrapping paper of course), and our regular printing paper was camped out on the floor by the printer.  We're a class act here, friends.

I found this wall mounted wire organizer at Home Goods a couple months ago and finally took the 3 minutes to mount it.  The openings are the perfect size for our paper supplies.

I printed off a few simple labels for each bin.  From the top down we have "printing paper", "card stock", and "labels".

It has such a narrow profile that it leaves a really small footprint in the closet.  Maximizing the wall space allowed us to free up other valuable closet real estate for some of our bigger storage needs.  

Our paper supplies are now all in one place, off the ground and easy accessible.  Definitely a win!  

How do you store your printing paper and supplies?  Should I be concerned about them getting dusty and causing printing problems?  Time will tell!