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Mason Jar Spice Organization

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I've known our spice cabinet wasn't working for a long time.  When I couldn't paint the kitchen cabinets this weekend, I had to scheme up some new projects to tackle....and those spices didn't stand a chance!  When it came down to deciding on a new way to organize, you better believe I jumped feet first onto the "storing your spices in mason jars" bandwagon.  You really can't beat charming and functional. 

Earlier this year we did attempt to organize our spice cabinet.  It was a hot mess of spices, baking supplies, coffee, tea and who knows what else.

We busted out the tried-and-true organizing moves - use baskets and categorize things into groups.  After a massive purge of out dated items and moving the baking supplies to a new cabinet, we ended up with this:

I did label the white baskets with chalkboard labels but I still couldn't tell the onion powder from the cayenne by looking inside.

 Enter the mason jars!  I was inspired by this sweet project from Raising Up Rubies:

So charming!  And I loved the idea of using a drawer.  When I looked at my kitchen, the drawer next to the oven was the only one that made sense.  Thankfully, it only had a few items that could easily be moved to another spot.

I cleaned it out and cut a piece of this neutral striped contact paper I've been ogling at Target to fit the drawer.

I also picked up 20 small mason jars from Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  I washed all the parts and made sure they were completely dry before I went any further.

Now, this may just be me, but the only thing I don't like about mason jars are the darn lids.  It's just a pet peeve of mine that you have to take off two parts every time you crack one open. 

Since I wasn't using these for preserving and didn't need that pop-up seal, I went ahead and glued the center down to the rim.

One quick run around the inside with a hot glue gun was all it needed.  But you do have to get that center down on the glue quick before it starts to dry/solidify!

We went through all our spices, tossed any that were past their expiration date and combined any doubles.

The next step was choosing a label.  I adore those chalkboard painted lids from the inspiration picture but I had some of Martha's Avery Kitchen labels (left over from a failed first attempt at labeling spice jars). The smooth mason jar top was perfect for these and the size was just right.

We filled up the jars and put them in the drawer with the most used spices toward the front.

We ended up with a total of 6 rows (I had to pick up a few more jars) and I LOVE them!  I'm so thrilled that I can see exactly what everything is and that we can easily see when we're running low without a label hiding the contents.
Another reason I love these babies is the wide opening.  I couldn't fit a tablespoon into most of my old jars and sometimes even fitting a teaspoon in there was tough.  These have plenty of space for all the measuring spoon sizes!  James asked about when we want to sprinkle spices instead of using an exact measurement.  In that case, we can just take a pinch and sprinkle it in - the opening is big enough for fingers too.

We also had some spices in large jars that were too big to fit in these small ones.  We keep those Costco-sized spices up on a shelf in that cabinet and just refill the mason jars as needed.

So how about the final before and after?

Before.  Yikes.

And After.  Ahhhh....

I think I may go open the drawer right now just to look at it.....and I may need to keep an eye out for some cute measuring spoons too :)

How do you store your spices?  Is anyone else falling for mason jars?  What creative ways are you putting them to use?

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