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Last Minute Valentines For Teachers - With Printable!

Deme Crinion5 Comments
For my fellow get-it-done-at-the-last-minute peeps, this one's for you!

Mia needed to bring valentines into class today for her party tomorrow.  As much as I would've loved to get crafty on these, time got away from me.  So, I did it.  I went with the easy peasy box of Sweethearts with a "To" and "From" line on the box..straight from the store.  No shame here!  Mia had fun writing all her classmates names and really, it's candy.  Odds are good the kids won't be disappointed.

As I was putting them all in a bag to transport this morning, I realized that I totally brain farted on including her teachers - ack!  With all they do and give to our kids, I thought they deserved more that a box of hearts inscribed with the likes of "text me".  So, I quickly shopped our house and came up with this:

Here's what I used...

I found the clear heart bags in my baking stash (left over from last year), and had luckily given in to my craving for some jelly hearts when I picked up the Sweetheart boxes the day prior.  I grabbed a piece of scrap ribbon from my stash and drew up a quick tag using Microsoft Word. 

I filled the bags, punched a hole in the tag (right over the exclamation point - oops), and tied them up!  

I just used what I had on hand but I think they would be really cute in some burlap bags with a heart stamped on the front....or even tied up in a little box with some bakers twine.

Hopefully, you are much more on the ball that I am, but if you could use some last minute help in the teacher department, feel free to grab a printable version of the tags for yourself here.

If you need some inspiration for kiddo valentines, check out the Frog Prince cuties Leanne shared earlier this week (with a free printable too!). 

Happy valentine making!  And to anyone that may be practicing Lent, have a blessed Ash Wednesday.