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Happy Valentines Day!!

Deme Crinion2 Comments
My Valentine left the house at 4:30am headed for a football coaching clinic, so I'll have to get all mushy with my little love bugs today instead.  For now, they are all tuckered out from their school parties, so I'm sneaking in a quick Happy Valentines Day wish to you! 

And if you're interested in those "how we met" stories, here's the quickie version of ours (from our family blog)...

I'm Deme.  I'm a California girl, born and raised.  

I took my first ever plane ride shortly after high school.  It dropped me off at yellow footprints in Paris Island, SC where I was greeted by biting sand fleas and screaming drill instructors.  

After boot camp, the Marine Corps sent me to college in sunny San Diego.  I got a degree in Communications, and did all my studying on the beach.

I had a roomie that went into the Marine Corps too.  They sent her to Japan.  She called me from across the globe and told me she had met my husband.  I laughed.

Three and a half years later, I met him.  That guy she said would be my husband.  We were in Iraq and our deployments overlapped by one month.  

We played an email "Questions" came for 6 months once he left and I remained, each day answering 3 questions from the other and asking 3 new.  

I came back from Iraq and he asked me to dinner.  It was Valentines Day weekend.  He hates Valentines Day.  And that our first date fell on it.  

Eight months later he gave me a ring.

Five months later we said I love you forever.

Five years later we now have three bambinos, and are back in the desert. 

We love God, green chile, and good football.  And we've loved every minute of making a life and a home together.

I hope your hearts and tummies are full of all things good today!