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Football, Coffee, and Scarves

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Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  And to all my fellow 49er fans, let's not discuss last night.  They made a great come back, but as my 3 year old Sully deduced, "the other team must have been bad guys".  So insightful that one.

I've said it before and I know that you all agree - one of the best things about the blog world is the wonderful connections and friendships that are made through this world of mutual inspiration.  I "met" a fellow blogger through our IHeart Organizing feature.   She's a mom of two who works full time and still manages to blog about all the great DIY projects she squeezes in to make her home their own over at Desert Willow Lane.  AND it turns out she lives just a few miles down the road from us in Albuquerque!

So after months of virtual chatting, we finally met up to chat over a real live cup of coffee and New Mexico breakfast burritos.  You know when you are going to meet someone in person for the first time and you wonder if conversation will be as easy as it was over the phone/computer/etc and hope that it's not terribly awkward?  (Sharon, were you worried about the same thing??) Well get two gals together that love DIY, home improvement, their kids and blogging and you've got nothing to worry about.  She's an absolute delight and I'm hoping she'll drag me along on her next local thrifting adventure!

This week, I'm excited to share progress on our home office, changes to our boys shared bedroom, and how our first Pinterest To Home project turned out (and spill the beans on the next one!).  For today, I'm sharing a super easy "duh, why didn't I think of that" project thanks to a "how to tie a scarf "tutorial from Victorius.

I've been on the hunt for a really chunky infinity scarf for several weeks.  I was hoping to score one on a winter sale, but the snood style eluded me.  I spotted this beauty on the Old Navy clearance rack and remembered that blessed scarf post.

So, I snagged it up and made my own!

If your scarf has tassels, simply start knotting them together at one end and work your way across. If it's a scarf with straight ends you can just sew them together.

All the ends tied together, and I had my perfect chunky knit infinity scarf.  (Once I'm certain that I won't want to untie the ends, then I'll cut the loose strings.)

I'm sorry for the poor lighting, but I'm wearing it here wrapped around twice.

 And was plenty warm for the rest of the day.

Now, don't be jealous of that watercolor-esque wallpaper that I've began to peel in our master bathroom.   I think the old homeowners left a few extra rolls in the shed that I'll give up for free ;)  And yes there is carpet in the sink area of the bathroom.  At least they put tile in the shower/toilet area.  Hopefully, this whole Master bedroom/bath area will be our project for spring!  If I close my eyes, I can almost feel the gross carpet disappearing from beneath my feet......

*If you're interested in the "What I Wore" type posts you can find them over on our family blog Crinion Clan.