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File Cabinet Organization

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I was hoping to share half of our office redo with you today, but just happens sometimes.  As much as I try to stick to a blogging schedule and plan out my posts for each month, things like sick kiddos, piles of laundry, other work, busy/exhausting days and project hiccups can say otherwise.  So, instead of a big office "reveal" post, I'll share some of the smaller projects while we wrap things up. 

A couple of weeks ago we showed how we blinged out the file cabinet with a gold peacock feather (after giving it a coat of indigo blue paint).

This file cabinet was a craigslist find and what I loved most about it was the filing/shallow drawer combo: 2 shallow drawers for office supplies on top and one deep drawer for files on the bottom.  Exactly what we needed.

Here's a look at what's inside....

The top drawer has my most accessed office supply items that aren't in my desk drawer

Extra push pins, paper clips, tape, labels, scissors, staplers, dry erase markers....all super handy, and (thanks to clear drawer dividers from Target) all neatly separated.  The wrapping paper underneath is a cheerful pop of color.
When we purged the office, I really tried to keep only the things I use on a regular basis and not keep an unreasonable amount of excess.  We store additional office supplies in the closet, so these dividers and the size of the drawer are perfect for keeping these small supplies to a manageable amount.

Next up - drawer #2.  One of the things screaming for some sort of place to call home was our supply of cords/cables.  We first got rid of the cords that belonged to old items we no longer use or have since donated/upgraded.  The pile was much smaller, but still needed a good solution to keep the cords from becoming a giant jumble. 

I shopped our house and found this drawer organizer that once helped to wrangle my jewelry.  The small chains and earrings would constantly slide underneath the dividers and get mixed up with their shiny neighbors.  We found a better answer to my jewelry problems, which meant this bad boy was free to corral our cords.  And it fit right into the drawer (don't you love it when that happens?).
Cords and cables are in the drawer divider on the left, and our mass storage device and a few CD's we like to listen to while we work are on the right. 

I used some Martha Stewart labels I had on hand to label each cord cubby. 

The last drawer is dedicated to all of our files, which is still a bit of a mess.  I think part of any office purge is dealing with the paper piles.  From moving so often in the past five years, we had files spread between all sorts of boxes and totes, based on importance and frequency of access.  So, they were somewhat organized...maybe? 

We gathered all of the files and put them into this one extra large drawer.  We've switched jobs, insurance companies, and utility providers over the years, so these files still need to be purged and reorganized.  I have a feeling we can shred about 1/3 of the documents in there.  For now, at least we have them all in one place, ready for another round of organizing when time allows.   Sometimes it just has to happen in phases.

We used the space to the side of the files to hold our "Important Documents" folder.  It includes birth/marriage/religious certificates, SS cards, passports, military paperwork, shot records, copies of important docs, etc.  In the event of an emergency, we can grab this one folder and know that we have those most valuable pieces of information all in one place.  The grey/white floral notebook is used for monthly budgeting and finances.

And that wraps it up!

While I love finding creative uses for things outside of their intended purpose, it sure is nice to find a piece that does the job it was meant to do in a way that works just right for us.  A little sprucing up and organization was all this file cabinet needed to be the storage hero of the office! 

*What's the storage hero in your home or office?