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DIY Gold Dot Closet Wall

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If you saw the last post before the long holiday weekend, you know that I had big painting plans for the kitchen cupboards while the Mr. was out of town.  And of course, the kids were hit with yet another cold.  Boo.  It was actually all good, except that I needed to replace my foam roller and a few other painting supplies.  The kids were just feeling too yucky to pile into the car for a trip to Lowe's....and I was not up for carting around 3 sick kiddos by myself.

Soooo, as seems to be the theme around here lately, I gave up painting the cabinets and focused on finishing up a few projects that didn't require any trips to the store.   It ended up being a super productive weekend in between stories and snuggles with sick littles.

One of the projects I was thrilled to cross off the list was painting the inside of our office closet!  There was a sneak peak in this post about how we are storing our printing paper
Many of you asked about this gold dot wall and wondered if you missed a post on it.  Nope!  I actually hadn't finished the top of the closet yet, but thanks to my cabinet plans falling through the cracks, that baby is DONE!

Some of these pics are with my phone so I apologize for the quality...but here's how we did it!

I wanted to bring a little more silver or gold into the space and I wanted to have a some fun with the closet.  This is a shared his/hers office, so the closet was the perfect spot to add some girly touches that could be hidden behind closed doors. 

I tossed around doing stripes or using a stencil, but eventually settled on polka dots.  The great thing about this project is that I didn't have to paint the walls first.  They were already white and in decent shape. 

If you are uber particular you can use a yard stick to measure and mark your dots with a pencil, then simply paint your dots over them.  I went for a more lazy casual approach.   I used a greeting card that was about the space I wanted between the dots.  I stamped a dot with one of these Martha Stewart Foam Pouncers, in Martha Stewart Living Golden Pearl Metallic Paint.

Then I line up the card with the left corner under the first dot and stamped the next dot over the right corner of the card.  It doesn't matter exactly how you line the card up/where you stamp, as long as you do it the same every time.
I turned the card right side up for a spacer in between rows, and centered the next row's dots right in between the dots above it (still using the card as my spacer/guide).

These walls had a lot of texture so each stamp would leave bubbles and gaps.  At first I did several rows then tried to go back with a small paint brush to smooth out the bubbles and fill the spots.  By that time the paint had dried, so from that point on I stamped a row of dots and then immediately went over them with the brush.

It's not a perfectly precise project (say that 5 times fast) but when you step back those imperfect spaces are hardly noticeable.

Here's where we were after painting and hanging the wire wall organizer.

I've actually added some storage to the top shelf since this picture, but I still need to....

-Make labels for the baskets
-Find a replacement for the heavy sliding doors
-Organize/store our pictures
-Organize/store our greeting cards
-Find a home for a few more random items

I love how it's coming together and am excited for all the pops of color that are coming in through additional storage!  James, on the other hand, is probably happy that this little corner with all my feminine tastes will have "doors" of some sort :)

Does anyone else give their closets extra love?  Anyone have some corner in your house that's just for you and totally opposite of your partner in crime's taste?  What are your favorite items for office storage?

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