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7 Quick Takes Friday

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I swear, without this link-up I may never post anything other than an outfit.  I'll get my blogging act together someday.  In the meantime.....

Plans are well underway for our road trip to the TX beach house with James' family over Easter.  The kids are already making packing include the Toy Story pop up tent, gigantic stuffed lambie, and all 527 stuffed animals that they sleep with.  I say yes.  Daddy's doing the packing.

This was Sully about 2 min after we arrived there the last time (2 years ago)...running out to feed the birds with Grandpa.

I've been feeling really lethargic lately.  I keep trying to come up with a reason for this......abandoned exercise routine?  Nah......pan of brownies I consumed single-handedly?  Couldn't be......Staying up past my old folk bedtime?  Silliness.   It must be something in the air.  Yes, that's it. 

Ash Wednesday is less than a week away and I'm still not sure what my Lenten sacrifice will be.  In the past, I've committed to going to bed early (which affects so many things, including my need for coffee), praying a daily Rosary for a specific intention, no TV during the week.....and I find myself going back to these or similar options. Probably because we tend to struggle with the same things, and Lent is such a blessed opportunity to add or take away something that will help us to refocus.  I'm going to keep praying on it.  Have those of you that observe Lent decided yet?

I had never stepped foot into an Anthropologie store until today (only ogled online).  Is it possible for heaven and hell to exist in the same place??  Darn those price tags...

Sully's explanation for why the 49ers failed to get the job done at the Superbowl:  "The other team must have been bad guys".   Obviously.

Mia saw me playing with this photo app on Instagram...

She is subsequently obsessed with adding hearts to any pictures of her she can find in my phone.  Case in point....

Any poker face is enhanced with hearts.

And lovingly building a nest for the birds in our backyard.

Shared a friend's recipe for chocolate shortbread on the house blog today.  Go make them, inhale them all by yourself, and you too can experience the lethargy that leads to all things unproductive.

Then, go catch up on all the others...

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