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What I Wore Sunday: The Boyfriend Shirt, Two Ways

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I missed the party will all you fine Mass goers last week and am happy to join back in the fun today!  It seems James and I have been pulling the tag-team move for mass due to sick kids throughout this whole winter, and with a snottylicious Jack on our hands, we flew solo to Mass again.

I had a much needed time in Confession yesterday and simply love the first Mass after receiving that beautiful Sacrament.  I was actually grateful to be alone for it this week.  It was also the kick off for Catholic schools week, and the thought of Mia marching to school in a uniform next year was exciting and terrifying.  Is it always this way with your first?

So, how about what I wore to this unexpectedly emotional Mass...

I really love tartan/plaids for winter and have been looking for a way to work it into my closet. I had a 10% off credit for Old Navy/Gap and when they had a big online sale this past week, I jumped on it!  Only problem was they didn't have my size in this navy boyfriend shirt.

I reasoned I could probably figure out how to take it in myself, thanks to Dweej's "How to Shrinkify a Too-Big Shirt" post.  So, I pretended I was no longer a regular size medium, and put one large tall shirt in my virtual shopping cart.

It arrived.  I loved it.  It fit me like a dress.

I planned to take it up and in a few inches but didn't get around to it this week.  So, I paired it with a full skirt longer than the end of the shirt, with a belt to cinch it in.

 Feeling short, I paired it with black tights and heels...all one color makes for one long line.  I'm also wearing a string of my Grandmother's pearls this week but I forgot to make sure they weren't tucked in the shirt before taking pics :(

We tried to quickly snap these in our front courtyard but soon had a curious onlooker....

Who then opened the door all by his 2-year old self....

He just can't let Mom and Dad do anything without him, or stay out of a picture.  Good thing he's cute.
But don't let that smile fool you.  He really is a snotty mess today, so I'm sure we'll all be sniffling next week.

After Mass I thought I would play around with the top as a shirt dress with leggings.  Definitely comfy enough for the rest of the day, but it does violate my general "leggings are not pants" rule.  It does have ample "rear" coverage though and the boots give some coverage too.  Probably not for Mass, but ok for a weekend afternoon.  What do you think?

So now I'm torn.  I would like to wear this with jeans, but I don't think I could stuff all that length in my pants without some serious...bulk.  Generally, not a good look. hem or not to hem?  That is the question.

And ok, who are we kidding...I have a sick child at home.  This is what I will really be in for the rest of the day.

The rundown:

For Mass...
Oversize boyfriend shirt:  Gap online
Skirt & pearl cuff: Forever 21
Yellow belt and sweater tights: Target
Heels:  Free!  Shoe swap with a friend

Dressed down....
Boots: Marshall's
Grey leggings: Old Navy
Leopard belt: came with the skirt above

 *Go check out more churching duds at Fine Linen & Purple!