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What I Wore Sunday: Black & White...And Some Color

Deme Crinion17 Comments
Today was COLD.  Around 7 degrees when I left the house for yet another tag-team Mass effort between the hubs and I.  We have a little one with tummy troubles again, so it was a solo Mass weekend.  You would think I would be able to focus so much better by myself, or even at all, but I'm always surprised at how often I find myself having to redirect my attention back to the Mass.  Just confirmation that I need to embrace more silence and learn to quiet my mile-a-minute thoughts.  At least our priest's last words on this feast of the Baptism of our Lord are still resonating in me..."Let us be gentle Christians, full of love, and unashamed to be Catholic." Amen!

Now the outfit, right?

I found this blazer on a Target clearance rack for, wait for it.....$8.98!  I've been looking for a 3/4 sleeve blazer that I could wear year round for awhile now.  I orginially had white in mind but I love this tealy blue and for 9 bucks, I'll take it.

My favorite part might the houndstooth lining on the inside.  A happy little surprise :)

Hmmmm.  Black, white, pink, teal....I'm looking awfully similar to an area of the office we pulled together this week:

So, I don't recommend matching your outfit to your office, but it never hurts to wear and surround yourself with some of your favorite colors. 

The Rundown...

Pants: Gap online
Turtleneck, pearl-ish bracelets, and blazer: Target
Bauble necklace: Pick Your Plum (5 buckaroos!)
Pink bag: TJ Maxx

*Linking up for our weekend date at Fine Linen & Purple!  And a special thanks to the ladies running the show over there for having me as a guest to share the first part of a series on how to stretch your wardrobe earlier this week!   You can find Part Deux here.