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Stretching Your Wardrobe: Part 2

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If you didn't catch the first part of this series, it's being featured today over at Fine Linen & Purple!  A special thank you to Kendra and Erin for letting me share on their fantastic blog!

In Part 1, Mia and I showed how one dress could be worn four different ways, through four different seasons.  I'm following up today with just a few more things to keep in mind as you look at your closet this new year!

-Don't dismiss clothes in seasonal colors.  Just think about pairing them in new color combo's.  For example, if you paired yellow with pink, coral or turquoise during the warm months, think about wearing it with greys, plums, and more saturated blues during the fall and winter.  Even summer's pastels can be worn into fall just by pairing them with darker hues like navy and burgundy.  One of my favorite color combo's right now is mint and navy....great for spring or fall!

Navy and Mint

Pink Peonies: House of Fifty Feature...

-Capris and ankle length pants can pull their weight in winter too!  The length can be hidden under tall boots, but don't be afraid to do a cropped pant with some ankle boots.

-Don't pack up the long maxi dress or skirt (or any dress/skirt for that matter!) that you wore throughout the summer.  Throw some tights or leggings underneath, pair it with a long sleeve top, add a cropped jacket, or throw a sweater over the top....think layers.  Lots of cozy layers!

Winter Maxi

- Avoid impulse or 'cute' buys.  When shopping for clothes it's so tempting to pick something up because it's cute, your size and cheap!  All good things, but how often has than happened and the item then sat in your closet collecting dust or continued to be worn with the same pair of jeans every time?  

IT'S CUTE! - Cute is great but if you see something you like, think about how it will work with the clothes that are already in your closet.  Can you come up with 3 different ways to wear it?  Can it work in more than one season?  If so, you're off to a good start! 

IT'S MY SIZE! - It may be your size on the tag and even "fit" but does it flatter your figure?  Do you feel good when you put it on?  I could not squeeze myself into a skinny jean in my standard size, and if I could it wouldn't be pretty, but if I go up a size or even 2 (possibly more if I venture into the junior dept), then I have a pair of jeans that I can actually breath in and that work for my body without being skin-tight.

IT'S ON SALE! - I am all about a bargain.  I do a lot of my shopping online and it is rare-to-never that I buy something full price and without an additional coupon code for an extra percentage off the total purchase price.  And I know many of you are veterans at scoring thrift store steals!  But there are definitely things worth investing a little money into for quality (a good pair of dress pants, shoes, hand bag, etc.). Even these can be nabbed for less if you take the time to shop around, but learn to spot quality.  It will pay off in the long run!

-Purge often!  I think we've all been in that spot where we look at our full closet and feel like we have nothing to wear.  It's important to have clothes in your closet that fit well and that you really love - a closet with fewer items, all of which you are excited to wear, is far better than an overstuffed closet with so-so items hiding your favorites.  You'll feel overwhelmed, not be able to come up with many outfit combinations and end up wearing the same few things over and over again.  So, as we come toward the end of each season I go through my closet and pull anything that no longer fits, the dryer has shrunk, has holes, or that I simply didn't wear (especially if I didn't wear it last season either).   Less really is more in this case! 


I've always considered myself to dress fairly modestly, but over the past year I've felt God gently showing me areas where my definition of modesty was in direct relationship to how the rest of the world was dressing, not in relationship to who I am as His child - a woman created in His image and whose body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

At one point this year I had pulled out 3 black trash bags worth of clothes from my closet that didn't fit, were falling apart or that didn't meet the level of modesty I felt God calling me toward.   This has very much been (and continues to be!) a process for me.....a process of rebuilding a wardrobe that honors my body, and in learning to think differently about clothes.  As I rebuild my closet, I'm trying to be more intentional about what I allow in.....I'm looking for clothes that have ample coverage (whether I'm standing still, bending over, or running around), that are versatile for the changing seasons, and that celebrate the gift of femininity!

I would love to hear how all of you stretch your wardrobe and how you decide what comes in and what goes when it comes to your clothes!