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Some Young House Love and A Touch Of Gold!

Deme Crinion14 Comments
I just got the kids down for their naps and quiet time, sat down to finish up my post for today and realized I had a lot more emails than usual in my inbox.  That would be because John and Sherry over at Young House Love featured our breakfast nook on their incredible blog today!!!!!
Did I just type that?  YES, I did!!!  Needless to say, I'm feeling a little giddy and very grateful today!  THANK YOU, John and Sherry! And to anyone stopping by from YHL, thank you so much for hopping over and for you sweet comments!

Today, I have a super easy project to share.  Remember that hourglass sitting on my newly organized desk?
It didn't look quite like that when I bought it.

Here she is in her plain straight off the Home Goods shelf glory.  I wanted to bring both silver and gold into the office space, so we decided to spruce her up a bit.

I used some painters tape to block off a small section in the center of the hourglass.

Then I just used a small art brush to apply a couple coats of Martha Stewart's "Golden Pearl" metallic paint.  
I pulled the tape off before it was totally dry to avoid the paint peeling off with the tape.

Just a small little detail to give her a bit more character.

Anyone else "enhancing" their off-the-shelf- finds?  What's your favorite upcycled project in your home?