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Snow Day and A Cookie Recipe!

Deme Crinion6 Comments

Today is normally a school day for both Mia and Sully, but Albuquerque was dusted with 2 inches of snow, which means school delays and cancellations.  Yes, you read that correctly. Inches, not feet.

Since Mia and Sully are both in half day programs, a 2-hr delay means that school is cancelled for them.  Which means that all 3 kiddos were home today.  Which means my productive morning plan to finish up my project I intended to share today was a wash.

Instead, our productivity took on the form of a white cloud in the kitchen as we baked up our favorite cookies -

Chocolate Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

.  Yum!  And I justify them as "healthy", because there are oats in there, right?  Ok, they're still a cookie.  But they do call for less white sugar and flour than other recipes...and they're totally delish! 

Perfect snack for a "snow day"...which for us means watching the few white inches melt by noon.