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Nook Updates

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Raise your hand if you're tired of seeing this darn nook?  I promise I will give you a reprieve after this post!

The night after I posted about some of the ideas we still have for this space, I went to Joann's for craft supplies.  I wandered over to the fabric section, and behold, their outdoor fabric was on sale!  And I had a coupon!  We knew we wanted something that was a least water-resistant, durable and would clean up easily for the bench cushions.  If you follow along on instagram (freshcoatofpaint) you may have seen a sneak peak of the new fabric we chose:

 I wanted something that would break up all the white and found the perfect small scale brown print with bits of pink and coral.  I'll save the how-to for another post, but here's how the space looks today:
 Obviously, we've moved some things around since the original "reveal"!  When the frames used to hang in a single row, the nails from two of them stuck through the alcove on the other side of the wall.  So, we moved them above the two frames on the other wall to create a grouping of four.  

That opened up an entire wall for something else.  We have a kids art gallery in the dining room but it only has five frames.  The kids still tend to wallpaper the fridge with artwork, so we decided to create another zone to display those little masterpieces!  And since the kids do most of the creating in this space, it's in a super convenient spot.

I simply mounted a few knobs that I had on hand, wrapped some twine around them, and used some colorful paper clips to hang their art.  Those knobs that didn't work out in the office, have found a new home!

Awhile back we also moved the black cabinet next to the table from the side of the fridge.

Several months ago we converted this bookcase to a storage cabinet for the kids' play food and our baking supplies.  It's still working swimmingly and I love the new spot!

I also love that it gives me another place to display some useful and pretty things.

 So, we've gone from this...

To this....

And now this:

Since the new bench fabric brings in yet another pattern and more color, I will probably swap out some of the patterned pillow covers for some solids. I won't be able to call this space totally done until we finish the kitchen but our spaces are constantly evolving, and we like where it's headed!

Do you have a spot that you can't seem to stop tweaking?