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New Series: "Pinboard to Home"!

Deme Crinion8 Comments
One of the things I want to do in this new year is make more dreams and ideas for our home a reality.  Like many of you, I am a Pinterest junkie.  And for good reason - SO much incredible inspiration and ideas for anything and everything!  But all those pins are doing no good by sitting on my pin boards collecting virtual dust.

Thankfully, some of our favorite bloggers host Pinterest Challenges throughout the year, to help us get on those projects!  But I always seem to let the deadline slip by.   I thought making this more of a regular habit might be just what I need to get going on some of those great ideas and maybe even be ready the next time a great Pinterest challenge pops up.   With that, I'm excited to introduce a new monthly series here on the blog!

Each month, I'll chose a project to tackle in our home inspired by various pins on my boards.   I'll share the project goal at the beginning of the month and share the results (good or bad) at the end of the month.  If all of you are tackling those Pinterest projects too, maybe we'll even have our own little party here to share the pin-inspired love!

So, which project is the lucky batter up for January?  I thought I would tackle something to help us with one of our biggest problem areas: managing the family calendar.  We're frozen in the middle of phase two of our kitchen reno and it's displaced our family calendar, previously in the form of a small white board.

We thought about relocating it to an empty wall behind the fridge or even into the pantry/mudroom, but we rarely hang out in those areas.  The mister and I tend to congregate around the peninsula counter in our kitchen when chatting about the day and upcoming events for the week.  And there just happens to be a big blank wall screaming for something to fill it's emptiness right in front of it.

I'm in love with Carmen's larger than life calendar that spans an entire wall over at Our Fifth House:

And Jen's chalkboard calendar that she created for her son's room at IHeart Organizing.

I've also pinned this chalkboard vinyl that Jackie from Teal & Lime found at Michaels.

So, I'm grabbing some chalkboard pinspiration and am shooting for something much larger than our miniscule white board, but something that we can see in its entirety when standing behind the counter. 
Which means I need to finally paint that wall first too.  It's a snowball effect, I tell ya.

I'm not sure if I'll go the vinyl or paint route, framed or unframed, but I'll share the results at the end of the month!  Anyone else ready to jump on some Pinterest inspired projects?  What pins have you been collecting for your own home?