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Movin' On Up!

Deme Crinion2 Comments
Lately every night before bed, Jack climbs into his big brother's bed and snuggles up under the covers.  Sully loses his mind until we assure him that Jack is not taking over his beloved nest.   But our baby is now 2 (WAH!!) and while we waited until the other bambinos were closer to 3 years old to move them out of the crib, this one is ready. 

And so is my back.  Jack is not exactly on the petite side (he's just 2 lbs shy of his older brother) and it's pretty rough getting him in/out of the crib.  He hasn't attempted to climb out yet, but he keeps lifting a threatening leg up like he just might do it. 

We also need to clear some space in the garage.  So, with the weather slated to get back up into the 40's this week, I'm making sure my spray paint isn't frozen for another bed painting project! 

We have the two beds that James and his brother used growing up, and already gave one of them a fresh coat of deep blue paint when Sully moved into a big boy bed.  It went from this:

To this:


We plan to have two matching beds, so we'll give the same paint treatment to the other one.  You can catch the tutorial here.

Hopefully by next week, this side of the room will look a little different.
 Actually, this picture is a bit old because there are different window treatments now and the video monitor is out.....which I may regret not having once we make the official move from crib to bed.  Especially, that first night!  Either way, I certainly owe you an update on the progress in this room.  But first, there's a bed to paint!