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Hidden Toy Storage

Deme Crinion7 Comments
I last showed you some of the updates we made to our fam-cave turned man-cave, but what I didn't show you is how we still keep this a family friendly zone without the toys taking over!

So, here is the hidden tour....

We have toys tucked away in three areas of this room.  The kids like to come into this room first thing in the morning, so we like to have plenty of books on hand. This ottoman was a great find on craigslist and serves as an end table.  It has wheels so it's easy to move around and a lid that can be flipped to act as a drink tray.

 And of course it has plenty of space on the inside for stashing our favorite stories.

I scored the side ottoman along with this beast on craigslist...they were originally purchased at separate places but look like they were made for each other.
 This bad boy is the perfect coffee table for this room...soft corners/edges for a toddler, but with a solid place to set a drink.

But the major selling point was it's delorean-esqe features.  It has tons of storage and really, how can you resist a piece for a man cave that has built in hydraulics.....

One side holds games and a couple of bins with cars/smaller toys

The other side holds all our puzzles.  Board puzzles are on the left and the bin on the right holds loose piece puzzles.  Each one is in a separate zip lock bag so that the pieces aren't a jumbled mess.  We also cut out the small picture on the side of the puzzle box and keep it in the zip lock bag with the pieces.  The kids have the picture to reference when putting the puzzle together and it's a good reference when we are trying to figure out where those rogue puzzle pieces belong.

The center section holds some of Jack's toddler toys.
 It's a big piece of furniture that does a big job in storing toys for us!

The last zone is behind the cupboard doors on the inside of the bar.

 There are three large doors and the first two hide some of the kids' bigger interactive toys.

Having them staged here, makes it easy for us to pull out just a few at a time (instead of a toy bomb on the rug) and it makes clean up a breeze.

The green bin holds a variety of baby toys.  Even though our kids are beyond the age for these, I like having something I can quickly pull out whenever a friend stops by with baby in tow.  I clean the toys after each use, so I know they are ready for play the next time I pull out the bin.

 Behind Door #3 is a prize package of all things random.  We've got diapers to refill the changing caddy, a few bottles of booze, camera case, and a few books and videos. 
We obviously need some better organization on this side...and the whole thing could use a coat of paint on the inside...and something a little easier on the eyes to hide those linoleum tiles lining the shelves.   But we love all the storage and that we can tuck it all away!

Now with that said, we do have kids, so keeping any evidence of their existence concealed is a little ridiculous.  Having some toys out and accessible is inviting for the kids and gives life to a room.  You can always have fun finding fab open storage to corral them.

So how do you handle kids toys in your living spaces?  Is it all one in the same or do you have kid free zones?  Do you prefer to tuck it all away or have it out and ready for play?