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Easy Furniture Touch Ups

Deme Crinion7 Comments
I was so excited to find a new desk chair a few weeks ago that had fantastic fabric, great lines, interesting details and was actually comfortable to sit in for more than 5 minutes!

I was even more excited that it was 33% off, dropping it just under the amount I budgeted for a new chair!  But that price cut was due to a large scratch on one of the back legs that you clearly see upon entering the room.

It was nothing my favorite touch up cheat couldn't fix!  
These wood stain markers come in a pack of three: light, medium, and dark (I think we grabbed them at Home Depot).   We've used them so many times over the past few years and they've helped spruce up dinged pieces of furniture in a snap.

All you do is lightly run the felt tip over the scratch in the direction of the grain.  Then rub with a cloth to remove the excess dye. 

The dye darkens as it dries.  Here it is after the first coat - already a big improvement!

One more coat and we had a pretty good match.

The groove from the scratch is still there but thanks to those handy markers, you hardly notice it.  A small imperfection I can live with for 33% off!

What tricks and quick fixes do you have up your sleeve when it comes to furniture?  Now if only there were a touch up pen for car exteriors....while I love the inner artist in my children, 3 giant scribbles on the car door with a rock isn't my favorite.  Just sayin.  Any tips for that?  You may spare a 3 year old from certain death if you did.