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Curtains From A Duvet {DIY - sort of}

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Yesterday I shared my slice of the workspace in our his/hers office redo.  Oh happiness!

My favorite part is absolutely the black and white curtains...all thanks to a gorgeous duvet by Nate Berkus!
I'm always looking for unconventional sources that will give me a lot of fabric bang for my buck.  Shower curtains are great options, but if you plan to use them for curtains, you will likely need to add some additional fabric to the length.  Tablecloths are another great alternative, but I've found the most pattern options and fabric length with the duvet.

A full/queen set measures 88" wide by 94" long.  Plenty of length for curtains, even if your mounting them at ceiling height like we did in our office.  Here she is, fresh out of the package and all laid out.

The other great part of using a duvet cover for fabric is that they are two sided.  This particular one had a pretty substantial weight, so I only needed to use one side for the curtains.  That left me with an entire 88" x 94" panel left over - plus the pillow covers!  If you have an extra large or wide window, you could easily create a window panel from each side of the duvet.

The duvet also had this fantastic piping detail around the edges....another huge time and money saver vs. trying to create it on my own.

To cut the duvet, I placed the top/smooth side down and cut right along the bottom of that piping on the back/pocket side of the duvet.
Then I took that panel with the piping and ironed the whole piece.  With a lot of steam.

I wanted even panels for the curtains, so I just cut straight up the middle of the duvet.  Then I folded and ironed the cut edges over 1/2" and ran them though the sewing machine with a straight stitch.  If you don't have a sewing machine, hem tape and an iron would work just as well.

That was it!  We mounted them with a simple rod and clip rings.  Super easy and I am over the moon for the results!   

A special thank you to Courtney over at A Thoughtful Place for featuring my workspace today!  Be sure to hop over to her blog for all sorts of organizing, DIY, entertaining, and straight up home eye candy goodness!

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