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A Gold Peacock Feather For The Filing Cabinet

Deme Crinion8 Comments
Although, we've been sharing a few kitchen/nook projects lately, we are still focusing our main efforts on the office this month.

I shared my new workspace in our his/hers shared office here.  And now I'm trying to keep my brave girl pants on as I tackle the depths of the closet and our paper piles.  The process of pulling out everything in a room and attempting to purge through it all can be overwhelming, but there is such a great sense of satisfaction and a sigh of relief at the end of it.  I'm trying to keep that in mind as we slowly plow through!

One of the key players in helping us tame our paper is a file cabinet.  Clever right?  I tossed around a few ideas for unique storage but at the end of the day we had a white file cabinet with ample room for filing papers and added storage for desk/office supplies.  It was the right (and free!) solution.

Of course, I couldn't just leave her alone...

Back here I shared how we first gave her a fresh coat of deep blue paint (spray paint by Valspar: Indigo Blue), and later dressed her up with an unsteady hand-painted peacock feather.
I liked the feather but didn't love the white paint.  Lately, nothing seems to be safe from my "Golden Pearl" paint from Martha Stewart and this feather was the next victim. 

I used a small art brush to paint right over my white lines with the gold paint.  The white ended up acting like a primer, so that I didn't have to use multiple coats of gold. 

 It's a little lighter than I anticipated but I'm digging the gold much better than the white.

 The cabinet is in it's new spot to the right of my desk (for handy filing).  Now we just need to take care of the top and wall above it - some fun things are in store!

Here's a look at the Before/After.....



I love it when a small change makes a big difference!  Is anyone else dressing up their standard issue office storage?   Has anyone else gotten the golden fever?