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A Drop Zone For Mom

Deme Crinion6 Comments
I hope everyone was able to enjoy the long weekend!  We had plans for lots and lots of blue paint for Jack's new big boy bed.  And paint we did!  But not blue, and not the bed.  It was supposed to warm up even more this week, so we held off for higher temps. 

The extra week won't much do you think a 2 year old can grow in maturity and self-discipline to not get out of bed in a week's time?  I'm thinking he'll be like an older man, totally in control, with no interest in silly games like 57 rounds of bedtime Jack-in-the-box, phantom pee-in-the-potty, and just-one-more-sip-of-water.  No?  Me neither, but one can dream.

Now, on to what we did paint!  

Back in October I joined the Nester for her 31 Day Challenge, where I put myself on a spending freeze and wrote about Working With What You Have.  One of those days, I shared my plans to create a Mom's Drop Zone in the small space next to our fridge:
When this picture was taken the walls had finally been peeled and scraped of all wallpaper and the wall board had been textured.  But we still needed to seal/prime/paint it. 

And it was like this until two days ago.  I realize it's all of a couple feet of wall, but I can procrastinate with the best of them.  I also needed to paint the foot or so of wall space above the kitchen cupboards.   This weekend we knocked out both!

I wanted to be resourceful for this small project, so I planned to use this mirror with hooks that my mom donated to us.
 I debated what color to paint it, how to switch out the knobs, etc. etc.  Since we painted most of the other pieces in the nook area just across the way, and wood floors are a long way off, I decided to leave her as is.

*Gasp*  I didn't paint it!?  No...the natural wood helped to warm up the space and the skinny hooks are great for my keys and my sunglasses that are missing their case at the moment.  I may switch it up down the road, but for now, I'm really happy with it!

We hung it a little off center, based on some upcoming plans we have for the kitchen.  Right now, the fridge sticks out past the edge of the counters into the kitchen, and beyond the end of the upper cabinets.  There is extra counter space that can be cut off, so we can move the fridge to the left until it's flush with the cabinet.  Eventually, we would like to push out the wall into the garage a bit and create mini-closet for the fridge to slide back into.

That will leave even more of a gap on the left side of the mirror, BUT once the fridge scoots over and all is even with the upper cabinet, we want to add one of these that I keep ogling on Pinterest:

An accessible and organized spot for cleaning supplies that takes up little space!  Until then, I love that I have a handy spot to place my things as soon as we come in and that they're ready to go when we head out the garage door.  I also love that it keeps my purse out of reach of curious little hands.  The last thing we need is a child sucking down a shot of hand sanitizer or throwing my debit card in the trash.

Once the walls were painted it took almost no time at all to hang the mirror securely and be ready for me to use.  It's amazing how much a few small projects can give you the motivation to keep going in a space.  My poor cabinets having been sitting primed and doorless for months.  Now that the paint is on the walls, I'm ready to see some fresh white cabinets pop off that grey!  Here's hoping I don't run out of steam!

How about you - have you claimed a spot your own "drop zone"?  Anyone else making a small extra space go to work for them? Do tell!