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7 Quick Takes...For The New Year!

Deme Crinion3 Comments

My back went out on Christmas Day and I took advantage of having to granny up on the couch with an ice pack to think and pray on this year ahead.

Busy, stressed and overwhelmed would describe my general being in 2012.  Between all the kids' school trips/assignments/activities (and let's face it, just getting them there dressed on time), heading up a catholic moms group, leading a weekly Bible study, doing another weekly retreat/study with friends, sponsoring a young lady through RCIA, supporting James and his team through football season, meeting with friends, projects around the house, feeding my family, and oh yeah, showering....survival was my mantra, and let's be honest, I need a better one.  For my sanity and the good of our little clan!  This year what keeps coming to mind is "take care"....better care of our family, better care of our marriage, better care of our home, better care of our relationships, better care of me.

I tend to write blog posts (or at least start them) in my head all the time - any other bloggers do this?  I haven't taken any of them to "paper" on this blog recently.  Busyness can be one of the biggest distractions from taking time to listen and even clear space to think.   I want a heart that's not only open to God but that has the ability to hear Him.  So, more quiet and less noise.  Yes, please.

I moved the personal style posts over to this blog (you can click on the "What I Wore" tab for more) and wonder why I didn't do it sooner.  The Fresh Coat Of Paint blog is now much less confused - it was beginning to sounds like two different voices over there - and I'm excited about the direction for that blog now that my focus is clear again!  And having the style posts over here has given me some fresh mojo for bringing this blog back to life.  Poor thing has been ignored and neglected.

So, more work on two blogs for the coming year.....and that's supposed to reduce the stress level?  Yes.  More dedicated/efficient work and less try-to-squeeze-it-in-everywhere-else-and-not-really-accomplish-much work.  For a long time I've felt God calling me more towards my home and family.  I know....I'm a stay-at-home-mom, right?  How much more can I be here?  But I think we all know what it's like to be someplace and not really be present. I was so overwhelmed by all our commitments (in and out of the house) that I couldn't focus on any of them.  So, I'm cutting way back on commitments outside the home.  I still feel called to the blogs and their point of view of home and faith/family supports where I feel God leading us.  But this year, I'm going to try to ensure that our family drives the blogs, not the other way around.

We rung in the new year like two stylish old fogies, in bed by 9:45pm.  Don't worry, we resumed the NYE party around 1am when Sully woke up vomiting.  Five minutes later, Mia joined him.  It was a tag team effort of toilet and soiled sheet action every 10-15min or so.  Not to be left out, an hour in Jack joined the fun.  By 3am we were running scarce on clean sheets, towels and pjs, so we moved everyone to the family room.  They sat and watched Franklin and Friends for two hours, each with a towel and bowl on their lap.  They have much better aim when walking or having to sit up is not involved.  Once the heaving finally died down everyone was back in bed for a few hours of sleep.  Nothing like a severely sleep deprived and secretion expelling family to bring in the new year!  At least James was off work the next day.

Our Christmas tree is ridiculously sad.  Dry, brittle and literally sagging.  She's not making it to Epiphany, Friends.

The closet will be purged this weekend. It's feeling squished and instead of buying more hangers, or finding better space, it's time for a clearing out.  I'm still torn about my pre-baby clothes.  I'm one size away from them, but I'm a huge believer in wearing clothes that fit you now and dressing the body you currently goal for the new year is to take better care of myself.  I have no goals to lose a certain number of pounds, but I know just by changing what I eat and being more active that some weight will naturally come off (right?!).  So how long do I keep those clothes just a size too small?  Do you keep yours?  Do tell!

Ok, for my first time joining the 7 Quick Takes Friday link-up, those weren't all that quick.  I'll work on short and sweet!   And please keep the regular host of this link up (Jen Fulwiler) in your prayers, she is 24 weeks pregnant and was hospitalized for bilateral pulmonary embolisms.

I also deactivated my personal facebook know, trying to cut out the unnecessary time suckers...but I did create a page for each of the blogs where I'll share new post updates and maybe even some instagram pics....if I can figure out how to use it.  Just click on the Facebook icon on the side bar to follow along that way!  Or here, I'll make it easier....Crinion Clan FB page and our Fresh Coat Of Paint FB page.