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7 Quick Takes Friday: Crazy Is The Name Of The Game

Deme Crinion3 Comments

The crazy nasty stomach bug we've been trying to ninja kick out the door made one last appearance for Mia and I.  She missed her first day of school this year and was very concerned about missing "stuffed animal day".  Luckily, we had 2 inches of snow that put the public schools on a 2-hr delay...and therefore meant that morning 1/2 day programs were cancelled.  Yes, inches not feet.  And Mia was fine to go to school with her bunny Ruby in tow the following day.  All is well.  

We decided to bite the bullet and move Jack into a big-boy bed.  We have the two beds that James and his brother grew up with and already painted one a dark blue for Sully.

The other one is just hanging out in the garage waiting for it's coat of blue.  Since it's no longer freezing here, maybe we'll actually bust out the paint this weekend.

I don't know if it's the start of the new year or what, but I have this burning desire to organize my entire home.  Like this afternoon.  But it's not organized yet, and it's making me batty.  Batty because I will start by pulling everything out of a space, then get interrupted (or required to actually be a parent) so it's left in this blob of a mess.   I've done this in three areas so far.  Pulled it all out, created a typhoon of crazy, and not actually done the organizing.  So, I now have a new resolution - uncrazy the crazy before creating more crazy.  

Have I mentioned that Mia is doing American Heritage Girls?  No?  Mia is doing American Heritage Girls (similar to Girl Scouts but faith based)  They had their Joining Award ceremony last night and I was so proud of all my little kindergarten Pathfinder Girls!  I forgot my camera, but did snag this pic of Mia before the ceremony started.
Hopefully some other responsible parent will share the rest of their pics with me.

Last week was a crazy week for the home blog.  Crazy good and overwhelming!  Our breakfast nook was featured on both Young House Love and Apartment Therapy.  Very thankful for all the blogging love and support over there!

Does anyone else find it crazy that registration for the next school year is already here?!  Early registration started this week and registration will continue through February.  We have some big decisions to pray over and hopefully we'll know what we're doing next year by March.  If Mia does not get into our parish's school, I'm considering home schooling her for next year.  All you homeschooling vets, please tell me I'm not CRAZY!

Our prayers are with all those walking in the March For Life in freezing DC today!

That wraps it up for us!  Go visit Jen for the less cray-cray Quick Takes.