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Weekend Wardrobe: The Sick Edition

Deme Crinion6 Comments
Mia's last day of school was Friday and on Saturday morning she woke up on cue with a cold :(  She managed to dodge the flu and other bugs that had been circulating her classroom until now...but at least we're at home and my parents are here for backup. 

Did I mention the boys got it too? Yup.  And with an allergy attack that had me sneezing on everything, the only one who made it to Mass this morning was James.  Way to go, Babe.

For the past few days it's been too cold to play outside and with 3 sick kids, we were experiencing some serious cabin fever.   It was a really nice day (not cold enough to trigger more snot than was already on the move from three little noses), so out we went to the backyard.  Sometimes fresh air is the best medicine. Or can intensify the sick induced crankiness...

I sipped on something warm while James was roped into wagon rides.

Since I kept my own snot at home and away from my fellow parishioners, James excitedly assumed he was off the hook for taking an outfit shot this week. That probably would have been a good decision.  Behold, the randomness....

I know.  But it's "What I Wore" this Sunday, in all it's blah glory. 

I am so looking forward to Christmas Mass - for many reasons.  We are praying for a healthy family that can fully celebrate together! 

It's been hard to embrace the anticipation of Advent and Christmas fast approaching when a nasty bug just makes everything seem more like work and less like joy.  But we are trying to pull our heads out of the icky fog and turn our eyes to the manger.  Even if we're each still toting around a box of Kleenex.  We pray that each of you has a safe and blessed Christmas with those you love!

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